Monday, June 29, 2009

Hi there!

I've decided to join the others from mqb who have migrated here. I miss all of you and it seems this is the way to keep up. For those whom I haven't met yet, here's a little bio. "Mature" woman from N Wisconsin with 3 grown kids and one "perfect in every way" granddaughter age 5. I started quilting about 10+ years ago and absolutely love creating something of beauty. I'm also into gardening (for half the year), reading, love cooking and baking, and occasionally, exercising. I'm working full time for another couple of years, at a job that I absolutely love, but which is really taking too much time that I'd rather spend at the sewing machine!
When I finish my gardening chores--yeah, right--and get back to the sewing room, I'll post about what I'm working on. Til then... Barb