Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I haven't posted anything here for several weeks because I've not been quilting. We are in the middle of a big remodel--guest bathroom, guest bedroom (which Lily uses) and TV room. I've been priming, painting, varnishing, and tomorrow will lay the tile floor in the bathroom. Much too busy to be sewing--but I'm starting to get a little crazy from not being able to spend time at the machine.
I promised my friend that I would make a quilt for her daughter's wedding in September and I'm so anxious to get started on it so, hopefully, it'll be finished in time. Yesterday I stopped at the quilt shop and got the fabrics I need and I hope to be able to get started on it next week. I think my remodeling work will be finished for awhile and I can get started. With luck, I'll post some pictures of the project.