Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Judge's Critique

I took a big risk. I entered my Hungry Caterpillar quilt (pictured in my previous post) in the quilt show in Rice Lake, WI. That wasn't the risk. On the entry form, I had to chose between simply entering the quilt or entering it and having it critiqued by the judges. "What the heck?" says I, after minutes of trying to decide what to do. "Go for it."

Today, I went to the show. As usual, it was a lovely show with lots of very intricate and beautifully done quilts. The vendors were exceptional and although I vowed to not purchase anything, I did find a few fat quarters and a quilt kit with a fishing theme for my husband's favorite cousin who's like a brother who loves fishing equally as much as he loves golf.

No, I didn't win a ribbon or any other kind of award, and that's pretty much what I expected. However, I was flabbergasted when I read the judge's critique after I got home. She said, "Fun quilt--Great colors--Very good piecing, good binding. Hand stitching could be closer. I like that you washed it and it puckered/shrunk a bit--makes it look great. Great Quilting designs. Some pindots on back from minor tension issues--but overall REALLY Good Quilting."

I never thought the critique would be so positive! I'm my own harshest critic, I guess. So, I'm thinking of beginning a quilt designated exclusively for showing. I picked out the pattern many years ago and haven't had the courage to start it for fear that I wasn't good enough. Now, I think I can tackle it and simply take my time until it's finished. I think I could have it finished in time for next year's show.