Thursday, September 17, 2009

When I started this blog, I had high hopes of being a regular here, but it's not to be, I guess. I haven't been able to add any images so that's a bummer. These past weeks I've been distracted by family issues and am starting to recover from that. I managed to finish the "Scottish Rose" quilt for my good friend's daughter's wedding which is Saturday. Amanda and Will live in Glasgow so I though "Scottish Rose" the perfect piece for them, but I did have to modify the roses a bit. If you want to see pix of the quilt, go to and check my blog under thanxsandy.

Since I can't post pix here, I'll describe it. Three inch scrappy pale blue and white squares set on point make up the center panel. The first border is 5" of scrappy white pieces and the second border is 5" of 1" scrappy blue and white squares set on point. On the white border, I appliqued green batik vines and leaves and mauve and red batik 5-petal roses with round yellow batik centers. I quilted a cross hatch in the center panel and straight lines in the 2nd border. In the white border with the appliques, I filled in all the white areas with large flowers and viney leaves. Pieced back on which I appliqued the leftover rose petals and it's done.

I think it's the very best quilt I've done (but I say that about every quilt I finish because each one is so much better than the last!) But it still isn't good enough to enter in a major show, and that's my goal. On each quilt I try to be careful, take my time, rip out the mistakes, and I still find too many errors when it's finished. But, each one has fewer errors than the one before, so maybe in a couple of years, I'll have one to enter.

Next, I want to catch up on all the Bunny Hill BOMs that I've neglected throughout the summer. Maybe I'll be able to post pix of them when I get them done--wish me luck.