Monday, October 31, 2016

Not Monday but Boo Day

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Are you ready for them?  They'll be coming to my house tonight and I'm ready for them! Yesterday I realized  I didn't have anything to hand out to the Trick and Treaters so a quick run to the store and now I'm loaded with candy and ready to meet the neighborhood zombies!  

When we lived in our old house--out in the country--we never got Trick and Treaters, but every year I would buy a heap of candy, light the Jack O'Lanterns, turn on the porch light and wait. And wait. And nibble a little. Then nibble a lot. Until the candle had burned out in the Jack and it was time for the 10 o'clock news and bed time.  Every year I would buy less and less candy until it was only one bag--just in case. Eventually I stopped buying any candy, and wouldn't you know, that was the year we got one family trick and treating!  Don and I had to really scramble to find something to give these poor kids--some apples and coins, I think.  They never came back.  I don't blame them.

Now that we live in town, we get a couple hundred kids at the door every year.  I guess we have to make up for all the years we had none. Payback's a b---, I guess.  I usually stay in the background and Don hands out the treats. He loves it--I don't.  When the children were young, I was always the one to take them out into the neighborhood to fill their buckets while Don stayed home. We both were happy with that arrangement. I miss those days of going out with the kids. One year, I was taking Lily around her neighborhood while her mom was in class, and after her bucket was overflowing and all our pockets were stuffed, she turned to me and said, "Wow! This street's like a candy faucet!"  Such an appropriate comment!

Other than getting ready for the evening activity--and there's nothing really to do--I have another busy day looking at me.  Yesterday I worked on the snowman mug rugs but didn't finish them as planned. However I managed to get them this far--all embroidered and ready for quilting and binding.  

I embroidered the eyes with satin stitch instead of sewing on buttons as the pattern called for, and I embroidered the stick arms, through the batting so it's already somewhat quilted.  The pattern also calls for stitching on white buttons in the background, like snowflakes, but I decided to leave off all the buttons.  If you set your mug on the button, it'll be lopsided and tippy and I don't think that's very good.  

I also worked on my little embroideries for pin cushions.  I finished the redwork house last night . . .

Below is the bird on the branch that I completed the night before  . . . 

and I began the third of the 4 designs, another bird on a branch, but different from the first one.  

I'm really anxious to get these finished and made up into the pin cushions. Each design measures about 4 x 4 so I traced them out on one large piece of fabric in order to have room to hoop each one. So even though some of them are finished, I have to complete all of them before I can cut them apart and sew them into the pin cushions. Sigh.

Today, I have to make a trip to the grocery store and then I'll be working on finishing these embroideries. Also I hope to get to making more of the wine totes.  Got to go and get everything done before the goblins and ghosts come out!  

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Mug rugs and ice cream cones

I worked on both things in the post title--and embroidery as well. It was quite a productive day for me. :o)  

First on the day's agenda was hosting an ornament party in my basement.  Three fellow quilters came over and we spent the morning making these oh-so-cute ice cream cone ornaments.

Becky and Jo had bought up plain Christmas balls throughout the summer and we used that icing made of egg whites, powdered sugar and cream of tartar (that you use to secure the pieces of gingerbread houses) to create the "snow" on the cone and then colored sprinkles. After the cone was decorated, the icing dripped just enough to round off the edges and make it look like real snow drifts.  We ended up with 30+ large ornaments and 30+ tiny ones. They will all go up for sale at the country store in November.

We finished making all these cones before noon--"many hands make light work"--and I moved on to other tasks.  For once, I went for a walk before settling into my sewing room and it felt so good to be outdoors.  I've been so centered on making doll dresses and other things for the sale, that I've only stepped outside to get the mail or run errands. We've been having a very mild autumn with temps in the 50s and 60s and I don't think we've even had any frost.  (I'm waiting for a frost so I can harvest my brussels sprouts and get that job done.) I'll have to make more of an effort to get out walking while the weather holds.

After my walk around the neighborhood, I set to work copying a set of new embroidery designs to make up into pin cushions for the sale. I became familiar with Gail Pan designs when I found this book last summer and simply fell in love with it.  I've drooled over this book a lot but hadn't stitched anything from it.

On my way to retreat last week, I visited a new quilt shop and found more books by Gail Pan and ended up bringing this one home with me.  On the cover is a needle holder and inside are designs for 3 pin cushions.  And many other beautiful designs!

I copied out the bird on a branch shown in the upper part of this sampler (below) in the "Stitches from the Garden" book---

and copied the three pin cushion designs from the "Patchwork Loves Embroidery" book, shown in the lower left of this picture I took from  

Last night, while watching TV, I finished one of the designs and most of a second one. Should finish the embroidery by tomorrow and can then stitch them up and get them finished.

Just wanted to show you these beautiful table runners that I want in my house--someday!--when the quilt event is over!--I hope!  The one below is from "Stitches from the Garden"

and this one is from "Patchwork Loves Embroidery."  I like them both so I guess I have my stitching projects lined up for quite some time! 

Martingale - Patchwork Loves Embroidery (Print version + eBook bundle)

Back to what I actually accomplished instead of all I want to accomplish! Someone donated a cocoa set of 4 mugs and a cocoa shaker. I found a pattern for 7" mug rugs made with appliqued snowmen so yesterday I got them fused to squares of aqua fabric that almost perfectly matches the color of the mugs.  Today, I'll get them fused and hopefully finished off and that's another thing that's off my to-do list.  If I have time, I'll try to make more of them to sell as sets of 4 without the mugs.

I also want to make a few more wine totes and coasters today so that task can be crossed off. Then I can return to making more doll clothes--especially the holiday dresses and fleece coats.  Even though the weather is mild here, it won't be long before the dolls will have to wear coats, just like their little girl guardians. And I know the dolls all want a pretty holiday dress, right?  LOL

Saturday, October 29, 2016


I'm getting things done around here! Yesterday, indeed, I spent several hours in the sewing room.  When I opened the door, I decided it was time to finish some of the things that I'd started to make for the country store but abandoned when the squirrels began arriving!

To begin, I worked on putting on the borders of this table runner.  I'd run into a math problem as I was adding the pieced border and had set the project aside. Now it's ready for sandwiching and quilting.  Next week, I think.

Here's a closeup of the fabric I used for the gift packages. I absolutely fell in love with the cute little forest animals when I saw this and I think it's perfect in these blocks.  Unfortunately, I only have a little left of it--it'll probably show up in a scrappy quilt sometime in the future, and I'll smile.

Then I turned to the embroidered redwork ornaments that I've been stitching in the evenings.  Those little buggers took a long time to get done--not difficult, just time consuming.  But all 8 are finished and ready to hang on someone's Christmas tree.

I had just enough of this Santa patterned red fabric to use for the back side of the ornaments--and the scraps will turn up in a scrappy quilt. just like the Christmas fabric above!

Then I decided I may as well go ahead and make a couple of wine totes for the store.  I lined one with purple (red) fabric and one with cream (white) fabric and they go along with the sets of coasters I'd made using the same grapey fabric. 


I made these totes out of 2 layers of fabric--left out the batting.  I had such a difficult time turning the first one I'd made with the batting that I decided it really wasn't worth it.  I think the plain fabric ones will be fine.  I still want to make a few more, but can't decide on a fabric to use and don't want to buy any more--Lord knows, I have plenty of fabric in my stash!  

So, while it looks as though I didn't accomplish too much, this really did take most of the day to complete.  Why does everything take a lot longer than you'd expect?  Especially when you're in a hurry?  Sheesh!

This morning, I have a group of the guild members coming over to make ice cream cone style ornaments so I have to get a move on. I promised them some coffee and cake to go with and I have to make a run to the store before they arrive.  I'm off!

Friday, October 28, 2016

Soapy day

I'll admit it right off the bat--I never made it to the sewing room yesterday!  Yes, yes, I know I'd promised myself to spend the day in there, but I got a bit distracted (Squirrel!) and stayed upstairs instead.

For a couple of weeks, (she ashamedly admits) I've had bars of homemade soap sitting in the corner of my kitchen counter, waiting for me to do something with them.  Yesterday I got them all packaged up and ready to go into the country store sale.

This is the Foaming Lavender Milk Bath, in the cute little milk bottles that I found at Hobby Lobby. I had to try this out when I made the first batch and, while I normally prefer the speed of a shower, I did like soaking in this fragrant bath and felt quite rejuvenated when I was finished.

These are "Pomander" scented glycerin bars--orange and clove fragrance with crushed cinnamon sticks stirred in.  They smell divine!  I used a Pringles can for the mold for these bars. I've washed my hands with the scraps from this soap and it feels pretty darn good!

This is the soap I made in my crock pot and I've been using the scraps in my shower. It's made with olive and coconut oils and it lathers like a dream.  And my skin isn't nearly as dry as it is when I use commercial soaps.  These I call "Luscious Lather" because they have such a faint fragrance that I can't even smell it or give it a name as I did the other soaps.

I used an old muffin tin as the mold for this batch, and filled them about half full. Don't know what I was thinking--did I expect them to rise as muffins do when they bake?  Anyway, I bundled 2 of these smaller bars together for the sale.  If I use the muffin tin again, I'll fill them to the top and then smooth off with my offset spatula for a more attractive top.

I couldn't believe it took me all afternoon to get these done and off my counter top.  I found a tutorial on how to make decorative labels on Microsoft Word and, since I'm known around my family as the computer Dinosaur, it took awhile for me to figure out how to do it.  But I got the job done, and then to find the ribbons and cord I'd bought for wrapping the individual bars took another bit of time--I never did find the green ribbon I'd planned on using but the pink worked out well, I think.

I'm really glad this job is finished and I can move on to something else that needs to be done.  One thing at a time and all will get done.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Making progress, bit by bit

Image result for drawings of women's bad hair day

Yesterday I'd forgotten that I had an appointment for my monthly hair trimming and remembered it at a few minutes before 11 am--and I was supposed to be at the shop at 11!  I've done this in the past--totally blanked on hair appointments and my hairdresser has always been quite gracious about it, but I always feel guilty for standing her up.  I know this is her livelihood and I hate to forget appointments. So, I panicked a little when I realized there was no way I could get there in time. When I called the shop to let them know I was running a little late, she told me it was okay, she had time to take me even if I was late.  Whew!  My hair is so shaggy now, I look a lot like Prince Charles and I HAD to get it cut and styled right now.  So, I got in the car and on my way to the shop, I glanced at the clock and saw that I had plenty of time. What the heck!  Then I remembered that I'd reset my bedroom alarm clock the other day to be 10 minutes fast.  I don't need that kind of confusion in my life right now!

After all that drama was finished and my hair was tamed down, I headed to the basement sewing room to make a parka for the AG dolls.  Here is Samantha modeling her new red fleece parka.  I think the modifications I made work quite well.  I added several inches to the length of the jacket and cut the width a little larger to accommodate full skirts.

I used this red, gray and white cat patterned fabric for the lining.  I think it looks cute!  And so does Samantha!

I also did some work on these 5 present blocks, turning them into a table runner, but I ran into a snag around 5:45 and decided it was time to put them aside and go upstairs for dinner.  Today, with a fresh mind, I'll work on them again.

These blocks with the green borders are more difficult to work with. They look so dull when I put them side by side. I have to find some fabric to use to brighten them up a little.  Or maybe I'll just put them away and deal with then later!

When I read Bonnie Hunter's blog this morning, I learned that she's getting her 2016 mystery ready to launch.  Here's the link to her post.  The colors are based on her visit to the lavender fields of Provence France--just gorgeous!  I'm not sure that I want to use the colors she chose--I'll have to do some thinking of what I want to substitute for the purples.  They're just not my color thing.  I'm glad she's not beginning until after Thanksgiving--the Festival will be over by then, and I'll be ready to begin something new--without any pressure!

Today, I'm back in the sewing room. You know the drill by now!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

A nothing day and a something day

Monday, the first day after my quilt retreat, was a "nothing " day, meaning I never made it into the sewing room.  I actually did quite a bit--just not sewing.  So yesterday, Tuesday, I made up for it and spent about half the day sewing--a something day.

I worked on doll clothes all afternoon, getting a lot of finishing done.  I made a black T shirt to go with this twirly skirt.  Let me stop here and tell you about making T shirts for 18" dolls.  My youngest daughter gave me a number of her T shirts that she wants made into a memory quilt. I've gotten as far as to cut off the sleeves and backs, which I saved. I'm using them to make the doll T shirts--using the already hemmed sleeves and bottoms so I don't have to do that myself.  It works out very well and it's free!

So, anyway, this outfit is ready to go on sale at the store.

I made white T shirts to go with these flannel pajama bottoms, so they're done.

This dress needed the velcro sewn on the back and the hem stitched up with matching thread. I also found a decorative button in "brass" that I sewed onto the front of the bodice.

This dress also got a decorative button on the bodice as well as velcro and a proper hem. Both of these dresses are now hanging on the little doll clothes rack my husband made for me.

I found enough black fabric to make another pair of slacks like the ones shown here.  They have a subtle charcoal stripe along the length.  I had made a blouse out of brilliant green batik that never found a home with anything until I paired it with the black slacks.  Now it's an outfit!

And just before I had to come upstairs and begin fixing dinner, I modified the pattern and cut out a parka from the red fleece that I'd bought the other day at JoAnne's.  Today, my first task is to sew it up and see how it goes. As you may recall, I had a difficult time working on the sample I made at retreat, but now I think I'll be able to make it now without too much problem.  I'll let you know.

That's all that I have planned for today--sewing more doll clothes and hopefully other items to put up for sale in the store.  I counted up the value of the doll clothes I've made so far and if they all sell, it will be a couple hundred dollars, split 50/50 between the Guild and the domestic abuse agency in our county.  And that makes all the work worthwhile.  Besides, I love making these little clothes. LOL

Monday, October 24, 2016

Whew! I'm back!

Yes, I survived 5 days of quilting retreat with 24 of the most fabulous, funny and farcical women I know!  It was a ball, and I actually got some sewing done in between laughing, snacking, and chatting.  As usual, my photography-challenged self neglected to take many pictures but I'll share what I have.

At this retreat, I decided to simply work on making doll clothes for the country store the guild is having as part of the Quilt Tour on Nov 12.  I also knew I'd be assembling blocks made by my fellow retreaters to make up two Quilts of Valor to be presented on Veterans Day, Nov 11.  First I'll share what I have about this project.  I have no pictures of the quilts--they were passed on to the longarm quilter who generously offered to do them at a significantly reduced fee, thus freeing me up to make more items for the store.  The quilts are simple and scrappy red-white-blue blocks that will be quilted with variegated thread in an allover star design.  When I got home last night, I had to quickly prepare the backings (thank goodness, I'd purchased backing fabric over the summer!) and take them and my roll of batting to the longarmer.  I'm sure she'll have them ready in a few days.

It took me all day Saturday to put together those two quilt tops. But on Thursday and Friday, I'd already made these doll outfits:

2 pj bottoms made from flannel scraps

2 sets of flannel pajamas
And after I'd finished the QOV quilt tops, I managed to make two dresses:

One holiday dress

Back of holiday dress
The holiday dresses aren't finished since I didn't have the right color thread to stitch the hem and to sew on the velcro closures.  I also want to add a brass button of some sort to dress up the front of the dress.

The second holiday dress with lots of lace!
I worked on one other doll garment that took most of Friday-- a fleece parka.  I had some leftover fleece that I used to experiment with the pattern I'd gotten off the internet. I had to make quite a few adjustments and now I'm not sure it'll fit the doll, so I'll try it on one of the dolls today and see. But I learned how to make the parka  and am ready to try again. JoAnne's is having a big fleece sale right now so I stopped off and picked up some to make into jackets for the dolls. I also have a pattern for a doll coat and I found some fleece that looks like white fur, so guess what I'm going to be playing with!  My friend mentioned that her granddaughter wants some new clothes for her doll, especially a white fur coat.  I think she's going to get her wish!

Before I left for retreat, I'd made a couple batches of soap and cut them into bars.  They should be well cured by now and ready for packaging.

This is "Pomander" glycerin soap--orange and clove scent with bits of cinnamon stick mixed in 

Coconut and olive oil soap
I made this soap in a crock pot in a couple of hours and have used the scraps in the shower--it has virtually no fragrance, but it lathers up beautifully and is very moisturizing.  I used a muffin tin for the mold.  I'll probably bundle two smaller bars together and keep the really wonky ones for myself!

So, I guess I have a full day ahead of me with these projects.  Fortunately, my husband did all the housecleaning--and laundry!--while I was gone so that's not on my mind.  I do have to make a grocery run before I can get going on taking care of these tasks and moving on to new ones.  Busy day again--and I love it!


Wednesday, October 19, 2016

October Retreat!

I'm on my way to the guild October retreat and will try to keep up with the blogging but I'm planning on having so much fun and "sew" much sewing that I'll be too exhausted to write a blog post.  I'll try but I'm not sure how it will be since I'll only have my Kindle Fire to write on.

In case you don't hear from me for the next 5 days, please don't send the sheriff out to find me--I'll be in quilting heaven!   A nd no one will be watching!

Image result for happy quilters cartoon drawings

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Nothin' going on here, folks

Yesterday, I managed to make some progress on the things I'm making for the country store. One batch of soap is in the mold and I filled the 4 little cream bottles with lavender milk bath.  I also stitched on the label for the quilt of valor for the deceased veteran's family and took it over to the Veteran's Service Office.  It will go from there to the family who said they wanted to display it at the visitation.  But I did not get into the sewing room to work on those table runners. Sigh!

Instead I had errands to run and I got my supplies for this week's retreat. Oh, didn't I mention it? Indeed, I'm going on the Guild retreat and I'll be there from Wednesday (tomorrow) through Sunday. Five days of sewing bliss!  I picked up some snack food for the group and a bottle of Kringle Cream Liqueur shown here:

This stuff is soooo good!  It "tastes buttery, nutty, and sweet and is made with real Wisconsin dairy cream." And it has a bit of rum to perk it up a bit!  Yumm! I've brought a bottle to the last 2 retreats and I'll share it with the group on Saturday night.  It's kind of like Bailey's but a different flavor. So nice to pour it over a little ice and sip--or in the morning, it would be great in my cup of coffee.  But after a cup or two, I don't think I'd be able to sew a perfect 1/4" seam!  LOL 

Today promises to be more of the same.  Getting things organized for retreat, packing a suitcase, and just taking care of things before I have to go.  I do want to make the last batch of soap so it can cure while I'm gone and be ready for packaging in time to go into the store. And, as always, maybe I'll get something done on those table runners. Do you want to make a bet on that?  Nah, I wouldn't either.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Number 1 Quilt of Valor

Yesterday my plan was to update the inventory of the  store items and then spend the rest of the day working on table runners and a potholder.  Well, that didn't exactly happen.  Life interfered, in a way.

Yes I did get the inventory done and I'm truly impressed with how much we have--and more to come.  But I didn't get any work done on the table runners and potholder. I received an email from the county veterans office letting me know that one of the veterans who had been selected to receive a Quilt of Valor from us on Veterans Day, a 90+ year old WWII prisoner of war, had passed away on Friday. They asked if we could award the QOV to the family and I said of course.

I had a quilt here at the house that just needed binding and the label, so that's what I worked on instead of following my plan.  Here it is, draped over a chair in my sun porch.  It's a beautifully made scrappy quilt and I hope the family enjoys having it.  I only wish the veteran could have been hugged by it before he traveled on.

After the QOV is delivered this morning, I plan to finish the soap making I've had in mind in order to get the soaps cured and finished up before it's time to package them and put them up for sale.  And, if there's any more time, I promise I'll get some work done on the table runners and potholder.  Promise!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Two table runners and a potholder

I spent yesterday morning with members of the guild at a work day--making items that we'll put up for sale in the country store that we're running in November.  For those of you who don't know, I'll explain what this store is all about. Every 2 years, my guild participates in a fundraiser called "The Quilt Tour" for the local domestic violence agency.  This is a quilt show that's located at 4 different locations in our town. People buy one ticket that gets them into each of the 4 sites.  My guild has one of the largest sites and, in addition to the exhibit of quilts, demos and vendors, we also offer a "Blue Plate Special" lunch and we have a country store boutique.  Members of the guild have been working all year to make items to sell in the shop--not just quilted items, but things the quilters might like for themselves and for gifts as well.  Yesterday was the second workday we'd arranged to gather together to get some things made up.

Of course, when you get a group of quilters together, you get just as much--or more!--chatting and laughing as you get sewing.  Nonetheless, I managed to put together a few things.

I made a total of 11 Christmas present blocks (5 of each design and one a little different) and will use ten of them to make into 2 table runners--if I can get the math to come out right!  And the 11th one will become another potholder to join the others that I've made.

Last night, I began working on the redwork ornaments that I mentioned yesterday.  I managed to finish the stitching on one of them.  They're only 6" in diameter and it worked up very easily, and I really like how it looks.  Of course, the proof is when the entire thing is finished and ready to hang on a Xmas tree.  These ornaments will be up for sale in the shop as well as the potholders and table runners.

Today, I have to take an inventory of the items that were brought into my house to store until the shop is ready to set up.  My job is to keep track of all the items we have so we can better plan how to display them and what prices to put on them.  When that's finished, it's back into the sewing room to work on those table runners and a potholder.

On Wednesday, I'm leaving for the guild retreat and will be there until Sunday afternoon. Oh Boy! Am I ready for that getaway!  I'd planned on taking two new projects to begin as well as one that I'd begun last winter and then set aside.  And my embroidery as well.  This morning as I lay drowsing in my comfy bed, I realized that I was going to be gone for 5 days. Five days away from my shop sewing!  That's not good! I decided to take along all of my supplies for doll clothes and to work on them exclusively.  And my embroidery as well.  I should be able to make considerable headway in that area in 5 days of working pretty much exclusively on doll clothes, don't you think? I'll probably not do much blogging while I'm away--I'll be too busy having fun with my fellow quilters!

Hoping you have a happy Sunday, I'm off to do inventory!

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Wine bottle tote

Here's the wine caddy I made yesterday, and let me tell you, it was a bugger to make!  I followed the directions as written. I had to pull the entire body of the tote through the narrow handle area (the bottom was unsewn at that point) and it was super hard to get all that fabric--plus batting-- pulled through that narrow opening!  I was using a tool to help push the fabric through and accidentally made a few tears in the fabric, hence the embroidered applique.  Since this was my prototype I didn't mind the error. I'll keep this one for myself and figure out a way to make the others without having to push all that bulk through the handle area.  

Despite the physical exertion required to make this little tote, I like how it turned out. You can just see the top of the wine bottle in there, and there's enough room to put your fingers in the handle to carry it.  

Well, all that pushing and pulling took most of the afternoon, so that's all that got finished in the sewing room. This morning, I'll be at a sewing workday so I kitted up several of the Christmas package blocks to make into either potholders, or by joining 5 of them, a table runner.  

I also traced the 8 embroidered Christmas ornament patterns that I got from Red Brolly.  On this page you can see several of the redwork ornaments and I prowled around the site and found a total of 8. 


I really like the ribbon she used for the hangers and I'm going to see if I can find anything like that in my local shops.  These will be put up for sale first in the guild sale and also in the Jolly Ruby shop afterward.  

So, I have plenty to do this morning at the workshop.  It's always more fun to stitch with friends, don't you think?

But before I go, I have to get the homemade bean soup in the crock pot so it'll be ready when we're hungry for dinner.  See you!

Friday, October 14, 2016

W(h)ining allowed here

Yesterday in the sewing room, it was all about wine.  No whining, just wine.

I made 2 sets of these fabric wine coasters from Pokey's Ponderings.  

I made mine a bit different since I'd purchased a large amount of this purple-ish grape patterned fabric.

I used the grape fabric for 3 of the sections of each coaster and made the fourth section of a different color.  That way, they will serve as glass identifiers as well as coasters.  

I really like these coasters except for one thing.  In order to get the coaster on the bottom of the wine glass, you have to tip the glass a bit, so a person has to either make sure they put the coaster on before they fill the glass with wine, or drink all the wine in the glass before putting on the coaster.  And not get tipsy in the process!

My plan is to use the rest of the grapey fabric to make a couple of wine bottle totes.  I found this digital pattern at and it's printing out as I speak type.  

Looking for your next project? You're going to love No Bias Tape Simple Wine Tote by designer Pattern Play. - via @Craftsy:

I like the handle better than a drawstring and I think this will work just fine.If there's enough of the grapey fabric left, I may be able to make a fourth set of coasters and/or another tote.  If there's not enough, I'm planning on using other fabrics I have on hand--maybe a set made of holiday fabrics and maybe just some fun fabrics I have on hand.

Then, I want to kit up some Christmas package blocks to take with me tomorrow to the craft workshop.  I want to make up a couple more potholders of different Christmas fabrics and maybe some autumn themed fabrics as well.  And with luck, I'll be able to make up a couple of table runners to sell either in my Jolly Ruby shop or at the guild sale in November.  Either way, these blocks are very quick and easy to make, and I think they look great!

I got a great night's sleep and woke up early, "rarin' to go" as my mother would have said. I have the last load of laundry in the washer with two loads hanging out on the clothes line.  I like to hang sheets, towels and heavy things like jeans and sweatshirts outside to dry if at all possible.  Today is predicted to be a partly sunny day with no rain so I think they'll all get dry before nightfall.  I have a couple of errands to run today and then it's into the sewing room to get somethings stitched up!