Monday, August 3, 2009

Moving forward, finally!

I'm making progress both on the remodel and the quilting. Hurray! I finally went back to the machine yesterday and started sewing. I've come down with a chest cold that makes it hard to do any gardening or painting, so I forced myself to spend the afternoon at the sewing machine. I finished Lily's nightgown so that meant I could go ahead and begin the wedding quilt. Yea!!!! I got almost all of the center panel done before bedtime--all pale blue and white 3" squares set on point--but tonight I have to finish painting Lily's room so we can start moving her--and all her things!--back in there.

Don is going back to work. His month of "retirement" is about over. He says he really liked just puttering around the house and garden, and he played a LOT of golf! But tonight he's got a board meeting to go to and I expect tomorrow he'll be back in the school. My retirement is a few years away--I haven't decided exactly when. I'll know when the time comes.