Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2001 happenings

Happy New Year to everyone! I'm a little slow on the uptake on this since I've been super, super busy in 2011!

Don's in Forida having a great time on the golf course with his buddies. He left on the 31st and managed to drive through the storm that covered the midwest with rain, freezing rain, snow, tornadoes and assorted other bad weather things and now is enjoying temps in the 70's. Maybe I'll go with him next year, ya think?

Today is my last day as a full time employee. I'm taking vacation tomorrow and Friday and next week I'm officially a part timer. Yea!!!! Tonight I pick up Tessa and Lily and we'll go to St. Paul to spend the night before leaving on the early Amtrak to (see below):

Yes, I'm going to Chicago with my daughter and granddaughter. Youngest daughter, Jo, flew in from Austin yesterday to spend a couple of days with her friends in Chi Town and will join us on Thursday and son, Dan, is taking the train on Friday from Milwaukee to spend just the day with us. I've been really rushed to get everything accomplished before we leave and sometimes I wondered if it's worth it at all, but now I'm getting excited and can't wait to get going on this trip. I'll try to remember the camera but don't count on it!

I'm in a guild again. Last fall I decided to join the guild in Menomonie and I love the women in that group! Very open and welcoming to newcomers! We had a meeting last night and it was my turn to bring refreshments (along with others). I couldn't stand the thought of something sweet after all the holiday treats, so I made a platter of mini-kabobs. I used toothpicks and threaded a half black olive, 1/3 leaf of fresh basil, a cherry tomato and a cube of cheese. Pretty, yummy, easy, and quick. They loved them!

Goals for 2011? Not much other than CLEAN MY HOUSE! and MAKE DRAPERIES! I've neglected to do both for far too long and now that I'm a part timer, I have no excuse. I'll let you know if (no, when) I actually accomplish these goals! :)


  1. That was some wild weather your hubby drove through. Have fun on your trip and enjoy yourself. I will be waiting to see those draperies.

  2. So you are officially retired now? Great, good for you, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. I am happy for you. Bernie