Friday, February 10, 2012

Fifteen Minute Challenge

I just discovered Kate's blog here and thought I'd join her 15 minute challenge. Maybe this will get me in gear to spend more time at the sewing machine and less in front of the TV!  Anyway, she's having a giveway to celebrate one year of the 15 minute challenge and I want to win it!  I love charm packs but don't have great ideas on how to use them so this book would be a great addition to my quilting library.  Like I really need another book! (Groan) 

A couple of weeks ago, we rearranged the basement storage area so hubby could work on remodeling part of the basement into a "nice" exercise room. I had to bring bins of my quilting and knitting stuff up to my sewing room--at least temporarily.  I can hardly move in that room now and I have to use up more stuff so I have space.  If I spend a little time each day working on projects, I may get enough cleared out to have room in there again. 

I use the small spare bedroom to sew in and there's a queen sized bed in there as well as all my sewing stuff.  Take a look at the chaos!

                                           My fabric stash

                                            My sewing table with quilting in progress

                                              More bins of stuff next to the bed

After I re-read this post and looked at the pix, I think I'll need more than 15 minutes a day to work my way out of this mess!  :)


  1. Over a week or two those 15 min. will add up and you should soon see some improvement. Good Luck!!

  2. Yeah, I think you need to up it to 20 minutes a day...

  3. LOL :) Ladies, I never said "when" I'd work out of the mess!

  4. Welcome to the 15 minute challenge Barb. It does help you get things done, mainly I think because it gets you in the sewing room. Once you get there it's hard to spend just 15 minutes. Good luck with your sewing room clean up. I know just what you mean!

  5. you will be pleasantly surprised how that 15 minutes a day can make a huge dent in not much time.