Thursday, September 11, 2014

Quilting troubles!

I just returned from a 50 mile trip (each way) to the sewing machine shop to find out what was causing my new sewing machine to make that loud clunking sound.  I just knew something would go wrong when I started quilting Tessa's quilt.  And I was right!

Yesterday afternoon, I put on the walking foot, threaded the machine and the bobbin with the special shiny thread I'd bought to use in this quilt, set the machine for the curvy quilting stitch I wanted, and practiced on my practice quilt.  No problem!  I then rolled up the quilt and began stitching on it. Aaaaaand--Problem!  Wouldn't you just know!

As I stitched along, the clunking sound developed in the thread up-take area of the machine and eventually, the top thread broke. This after about 6" of stitching.  I re-threaded the needle  and tried again. The clunking sounded sooner, so I stopped and ripped out the stitching.  This happened three or four more times.  I re-threaded the top thread several times, even getting the owner's manual out to be sure I was doing it correctly.  No improvement.  I took the bobbin out and re-threaded it. No change.  Finally, I called the store where I'd bought the machine and let Rene listen to the clunking over the phone. She immediately said I needed to bring it in, which I did this morning.

Rene checked everything out and the only thing we could find that made a difference was the upper thread.  When we used the "special" thread, the machine clunked. When we used other threads, no clunk.  What the hell is with that ? ? ?

Thankfully, there's nothing wrong with the machine!  I bought new thread at the store and the correct needles and will begin again this afternoon.  Fingers crossed that this time everything works!

Anyone need a couple of spools of super special quilting thread-pale blue in color?  Just let me know. :-)  Hah!


  1. Barb, I have heard that sometimes those silky special threads don't work so well. I have the brother 1500s and I tried to use it and something similar happened to me. Try using a cotton variegated thread. I had a better experience with that.

  2. I used a monofilament once and my old machine hated it. I keep thinking I'll give it a try with the right needles and my new machine but havent got around to it yet.

    I've also read that machines often don't like super awesome special thread in both the top and bottom bobbin simultaneously.

    Good Luck with your next attempt.