Thursday, November 19, 2015

The S word

As I was setting up my coffee pot for a couple of cups of brew this morning, a bit of motion through the kitchen window caught my eye. It's very windy here today so at first I thought I was seeing the last leaves from the apple trees blowing around out there. But wait!  The bits were too small to be leaves. Could it be?  Was it true?  Yes, indeed. I was seeing snow flakes!  Kind of like this picture that I found on the internets of a first snowfall .   First snow of the season for me.  It's pretty yet ominous!
I doubt that any of the snow will stay on the ground, especially since the sun has come out now and the temps are rising a little. Still, it looks to be a nice day to stay indoors and bake.

That's right. I have baking to do. A batch of cookies--haven't decided on the kind yet--and I think I'll try making these Clementine-Fig Spice Cakes that I found in Better Homes and Gardens magazine as I sat at the car dealer yesterday.  I think my daughter and daughter-in-law will enjoy these when we celebrate Thanksgiving together. The guys can have some too but they usually want Doritos and beer instead while they sit glued to the football games on TV.  Oh well, their loss!

I also have sewing to do. I have yet to make the monthly blocks for the quilt-along the guild is doing of Barbara Brackman's Civil War Jubilee quilt.  This month I need to make 8 blocks in reds plus a couple of extras to be used in a guild charity quilt.  I love making these blocks--so easy and fast. The hardest part is deciding on which fabrics to use! I posted about the block pattern here if you want to see what it looks like.

I also have finished the embroidery of the second Santa table runner also shown in this blog post and need to begin finishing it off. It's been sold to a customer and as soon as it's delivered, I need to begin the third one for another customer. I couldn't guarantee that it would be ready before Christmas but I'll do my best.

The other quilty thing that's on my mind is the Farmer's Wife quilt that we're doing in the guild.  I got this pic off Pinterest.  I haven't decided what kind of fabrics I'll use in making my blocks--the 30s seem appropriate for the block patterns but now that I see this quilt, I'll have to rethink this decision. Since I've not made any of the blocks yet--2 months behind!--I just have to make a decision and get going on it.
Farmer's wife quilt. Love the hint of muted red.:

So, it looks like it'll be a busy day today and I'd better get going on it.  What tasks do you have set out to accomplish today?  Whatever they are, I hope you enjoy them.

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