Friday, July 29, 2011

Favorite Things Friday

Check out Mrs. P's blog here,, if you want to post about your favorite thing on this last Friday in July or to read about other folks' FTFs. Today, in the sauna we call the Midwest of the USA, we're having temps near 90 with humidity around 50% and this is my FTF:

'Nuff said, I'm joining Lily and Don!


  1. Hello Barb. Lovely to see you linking up this week. I wish it was warm enough for me to dream about taking a dip this week - we're freezing down here !

    A great favourite- I'll keep that in mind for January!

  2. As Shay says its cold down here though we have had the sun shine the last couple of days but there is one thing I hate is humidity, luckily we mainly get dry heat here most of the time and still the pool is the only place to be.