Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Independence Day!

I'm having a very laid back Fourth of July day here in the midwest. I started off by sleeping in until 8:30--trying to recover form that canoe trip yesterday, I think :o) Will be doing some gardening if I ever get out of my jammies, and I want to make it to Hancock Fabrics to get a pattern and fabric for a sundress for Lily. Later, we'll fire up the grill and have steaks for supper--just Don and me.

No matter how you're celebrating the holiday, take a look at Sunday's post at Vrooman's Quilts here:

At the bottom she enters a quote of Erma Bombeck (which I'm not able to cut and paste for some reason). I loved reading Erma back in the day and I miss her down-to-earth commonsense wisdom--and humor. She always nailed it, with a laugh, right?

Happy Birthday, USA!

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  1. Thank you sweetie for mentioning my blog - yes I check sources. Would love to see more of your work and photos on your blog - yes we all like show and tell - in progress as well as finished. (I have a guard on my blog so things can't be copied) Hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend.