Monday, July 30, 2012

I can't believe June and July are nearly gone! This summer has been really crazy!  But good crazy.  I've been super busy working, weeding the garden, camping with Lily, weeding, canning and freezing, working, weeding, visiting friends, weeding, and trying to find a minute here and there to relax and enjoy.

We don't have the terrible drought that much of the Midwest is having, but it's been super hot this summer. I usually run the AC between one and three days per summer, but we've already exceeded that goal this year.  And August is yet to begin.  

I have managed to sneak in some quilting projects on afternoons when it's too hot to be outside pulling weeds.  I made a set of fruity place mats for my Etsy store, Jolly Ruby, as well as a table runner similar to the table quilt I made earlier this summer. I love the bright colors of the fruits against the pure white in these place mats and I've begun a table quilt with the same fabrics.

This little runner I like because of the appliqued floral motifs.  I hope someone else likes it too.

I also have put together the two lap quilts I'll be taking to Bulgaria in September when Don and I visit our daughter. They are gifts for her host Mom and her language tutor. I"ll post pix when I get the quilting finished.

I HAVE been spending money on fabric. Don't tell Don how much--he wouldn't be happy if he knew.  I have enough fabric and patterns to keep me busy all winter and then some.  I can't wait to begin working on some of the new things I have, but I have to finish the Bulgarian tops first.

That's it.  See ya.

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