Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Road Trip with my girls

Sunday I took a road trip with Tessa and Lily to Duluth MN and it was a fantastic day!  It was a brilliantly sunny day with a clear blue sky, a little chill in the wind, and a great day to be on the beach.  The first shot is of Wisconsin Point, a huge long sand bar that's totally undeveloped except for the buildings and walls that are needed to maintain the Superior entry for the big ships that come and go from the port. Tessa makes really nice jewelry and is having a sale in early December so she wanted to get some interesting drift wood to use for displaying her earrings, bracelets, and necklaces.  

After we had a very nice lunch at Sara's Table ( I had a yummy tofu and veggie scramble), we headed to Kitchi Gummi Beach or what I like to call by it's old name, Brighton Beach.  You can see how different to two beaches are. The first one is on the "South Shore" of the lake on the Wisconsin side and is all beautiful sand and grasses--and poison ivy!  And the other beach is on the "North Shore" in Minnesota and is all rocks and, off the beach, trees instead of grasses--no poison ivy here!  On this beach, we gathered some nice rounded stones for Tessa's display and some larger ones for me to stack up as a garden accent.  Lily found an agate so she was happy and we looked for sea glass but it was too cold and wet to really search very hard. 

 It was a little more windy on this beach and the waves were crashing with a bit of vigor.  (Understatement here)  I got sprayed more than once even though I stayed well away from the water. That water is very cold this time of year!

After we got all the rocks we could carry, we took a drive down Park Point, a 5 mile long sand bar which has been extensively developed into a residential area--some of the best locations in town are on Park Point if you like living right on Lake Superior, which I would love but will never have the $ to do so.  At the very end of the Point is a huge recreational area of ball fields, boat launches, running and biking paths, and it's also a landing field for sea gulls, apparently.

We came across this huge flock of gulls (the picture shows only about a third of them--we didn't have a wide angle lens!) They were simply standing around, not moving or making any noise at all which is very odd for sea gulls, just standing there with their feathers all fluffed out.  Until I decided to drive through them!  Even as the car approached the birds, they still didn't move. I had to slow down to barely a crawl!  We all started laughing at these poor birds!  I think they should have been flying south instead of thinking they would winter in Duluth!

It was such a great day with my daughter and granddaughter.  Even without the pictures, I'll remember it for a long long time.

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