Monday, March 24, 2014

Making progress

I have to say that my system of doing a little cleaning each day has been working amazingly well!  I'm so proud of myself!  (Buffing fingernails on my shirt)  I do a little each day and the house has been staying clean and neat. I think this is a routine I can live with. A few times I've been busy and not done my chores but I've made them up the next day so all is not lost.

And this picture guarantees that I'm looking cuter all the time, right?


I'm also making good progress on the wedding quilt for my friend. I decided to add this diamond border but wasn't sure how it would look with all the diamond shapes in the center. When I laid out one side border against the center, I really had doubts, but the die was cast and I continued to make diamonds. When I laid out all four sides, I liked it a lot.  I have another narrow white border to put on and then the final 6" border of the green coral reef fabric.  That brings the entire top to about queen size.

The third area where I'm making progress is with this little gadget. We moved from a 4 level split house to a 2 level ranch, and I find myself walking the length of the house many, many times a day, as well as going up and down the stairs to the lower level several times a day. I decided to put on a pedometer to see how many steps I was actually taking. Was I ever surprised!  I know that the goal is 10,000 steps a day and when I tracked my steps while I was still working at my desk job, I got between 2500 and 3000 unless I really worked at it. I knew I was getting more steps in now that I'm in the house all day but I didn't have any idea how many. The first day I wore the pedometer, it counted 7500 steps!  Amazing!  I guess you don't have to worry that I'm sitting around watching soaps and eating bon bons, right?  I have it on again today and it looks like I'd better get a move on.

What we're not making any progress in is Spring.  When will you really and truly be here?  I was lucky and spent much of the winter where it was warm, but I'm getting tired of hearing everyone else bellyaching about the winter.  So today, March 24th, this is what we have outside:

Can you see the snowflakes in my back yard?  The lack of anything green except the pine trees?  The dearth of anything in bloom? The sunless atmosphere? I want so much for this snow to be gone so I can see what's in this yard.  

That's it.  Since it's snowing out, I'll go downstairs and work on the green wedding quilt.


  1. the wedding quilt is beautiful. I love the blues and greens. The diamond border really sets it off. Great job.

  2. Oooh that diamond border on the wedding quilt looks amazing.

    Way to go on stepping out with the pedometer. I really should count my own steps!

    Im not sure where the sun is because it isnt here either!