Thursday, March 27, 2014

The green wedding quilt
(not my picture but lifted from the internet)
Today I woke up to 38 degrees (F) with clouds and fog and drizzle which became rain as the day progressed. I'm so happy!  For once, we aren't getting snow!  For those of you who live in places where you don't have such long and extreme winters, you have no idea how happy we can get over a rainy day after 5 months of snow, ice and cold.  Now, if only the sun would shine!  

It's been a good day to do work around the house. Don and I put up the drapery rod in the living room and hung the draperies I bought yesterday. I must say they are the finishing touch to the room and I'm well pleased with them.

After that, I retreated to the sewing room and finished the wedding quilt top. Here it is.  It's supposed to be a queen sized quilt but this measures 85.5"x106" so it's a little longer than a queen is supposed to be. I'm okay with that and I hope the recipient will be too.

I'm so glad to be done with this top!  I think I spent more time on the 5 borders than I did piecing the center of the thing.  

I realized after I began making this quilt that I should have sent pix of the fabrics to Judy before I began working on it, to be sure it met her approval, but I didn't and just went full steam ahead. So, now I've emailed pix to her and I really hope she approves since I don't want to begin another one, but I will if I have to.  Hopefully, she'll respond in the next day or so.

Now it's on to doing the quilting on the "Jared Takes a Wife" top that I began at a Bonnie Hunter class last May in Ottowa, IL and finished last fall. It's been pin basted since November but with the move and all the traveling, I hadn't begun the quilting until last Saturday when the guild had an all day sew in.  I need to get that piece quilted up so I can use the pins on the wedding quilt.  Heaven forbid that I go out and purchase another couple hundred safety pins!  No, not having enough pins is impetus for me to get going on that project and get it finished.  I always have said that hand stitching the binding--the last step of making a quilt--is my favorite part, but I so seldom get to do that so I have to force myself to do the machine quilting.

I usually am pleased with my work in machine quilting. I think I procrastinate doing it because working on bed sized quilts can be difficult and hard work for my arms and shoulders. Once I get started and see some progress being made, I get more enthusiastic and go full speed ahead.  So, it's back to the sewing room for the rest of the day and then dinner with our daughter and attending the piano recital practice of our granddaughter, Lily.

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  1. When I complain about our winters I do think of yours . The coldest it gets here during the day is about 50F and no snow at all. I guess I have nothing to complain about really in comparison.

    You’re doing well to have hung curtains within 24 hours of buying them...I’m hoping to get some curtains up tomorrow that I started in November...ahem.

    The wedding quilt is simply beautiful. Im sure Judy will love it.