Saturday, August 2, 2014

"Colors of the Sea" quilt top is finished!

I finished assembling the top of this quilt this morning after spending a few hours unstitching some of the blocks.  No matter how careful I was, I would inevitably get clusters of color in some areas that I know I said I would ignore, but I just couldn't!  I guess that's the bit of OCD I try to manage (not too successfully, I think.) Hah! Anyway, I also had to keep the blocks alternating so I wouldn't have too many seams at the intersections of the blocks.  But I got it done--with no swearing, I may add, and that may be a first for me!--and here it is, laid out.

The colors in this picture are quite true to reality and the thing I noticed in the picture is that the off white borders of the colored squares are different shades, depending on how the light is shining on them. Apparently, this batik fabric has a bit of nap to it that I didn't realize while I was working on it. I love the effect it gives--just as the color of the beach changes shades depending on the light and the contour of the sand.

Now that I see it spread out on the bed, I think I'll have a hard time giving it to Tessa.  It's really pretty, and BIG!  It measures 90" by 102", so almost king size.  Can't wait to see how it works in the new, larger throat of the Sapphire when  I begin the quilting. Tessa wants simple lines but I'm going to see if I can convince her to let me do some "fancy" stitching in the blocks or at least use one of my decorative quilting stitches in the sashings.  But, since it's her quilt, I'll have to abide by her decision, I guess.

After I finished this quilt, I stitched the trim on Lily's new pj's which are right here:

Now, I feel as though I've accomplished what I intended to do over these 4 days by myself.  I can relax and read a book if I like, cook a gourmet meal for myself tonight, or go back to quilting and work on the Blue Heaven I started last week. Ahhhh! I feel free!  

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