Saturday, August 2, 2014

Colors of the Sea

I've spent the last 2 days assembling the top of Tessa's "Colors of the Sea" quilt. She's been begging me to send her pix as I go along, so here's the first of the three sections pieced together.

I decided to simply ignore the places where the same colored squares adjoin, as in the lower left corner. After all, I'm only working with 6 different colors so there's bound to be places where that happens. Besides, on the beach, I would often come across places where there were lumps of color on the white sand. So, can I call this a Nature Quilt?  :)

Here's the thing 2/3 assembled. These colors are more true--the first pic shows the colors more intense than they are in my house.

I have 4 more rows or columns left to stitch together and as I worked on it late yesterday afternoon, I realized that  I need to make 3 more individual blocks to finish off the columns.  And I gave up for the day! So that's the first thing on my agenda today--after feeding the cats, of course, and having a cup or two of coffee, double of course.

I'm working on my new Sapphira machine on the dining table and I love how she's sewing, but hate the ache I get in my mid-back after 5 or 6 hours of sewing there.  I have a Tracy Table in my sewing room where my Lily fits perfectly but I need to get a new clear plastic or acrylic insert to fit the new machine.  Then I'll be able to sit either machine in the sewing table and my back will feel just fine again. I've been emailing and calling the company that made the sewing table for the past 2 weeks or so but no response. What's with that?  I find no response completely rude!  Anyway, yesterday I decided to call the sewing shop where I'd ordered the thing and they said they were the ones who ordered the plastic inserts, not Tracy's!  So anyway, I'll have the new insert in a few weeks, I hope.  (I still think Tracy's should have called me to let me know they didn't do that part of the set up--or am I expecting too much?)

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