Sunday, January 4, 2015

End of the year report

I don't normally make lists of things I want to accomplish or set quilting goals or make New Year resolutions--other than the usual "Get Fit, Eat Healthy, Lose Weight"--because within a week or two, I tend to forget what my goals and resolutions are. So what's the point?

But last night, I realized that I did indeed set a couple of quilting goals for myself for 2014 (see what I mean about forgetting my goals!)  and totally did not accomplish them.  One was to begin to make a Baltimore Album quilt.  I'd seen a post from Wendy in Canada who'd been to a quilt show that featured Baltimore Album quilts and I realized that I simply love those quilts. She and I had an on-line chat about doing one of those, I ordered the book I needed to begin, found some fabrics that would be nice in the applique--both in my stash and in the quilt shop--and then promptly forgot all about it!  So, an entire year has passed and no progress at all made toward learning the applique needed for this kind of quilt!  Sheesh! I feel like a total loser!  I think I have to continue the goal of making a BA quilt--maybe I'd do better if I challenge myself to making even one block this year.  That might be more doable, don't you think?

The other goal I'd set for myself--now I've forgotten it again! I believe it was to quilt up some of the pieced tops I've had in my closet for way too many years!  Nothing done on that either, but I did make 2 additional tops, so that brings the total to 6!  And that's bed-sized quilts!  So I think I have to keep that on my list of things to do, agreed?

And since I don't have a secretary to write things down and remind me of what needs to get finished, I think I'll make a big poster and keep it right at my sewing table to help me stay on track.  Well, at least it's worth a try, right?

Yesterday I was packing up the sewing room so Don can come in there today to take up the carpet. After I was finished, I sat down--just for a few minutes, mind you--to begin piecing my selvages onto a muslin foundation.  I've been collecting selvages for about 6 or 8 months and have a large bag full. The collection really grew at retreat when the others began feeding it selvages from their projects!  I didn't know what to do with them, I just knew that I liked the look of items made with selvages, and then I got an idea!  My sewing chair is upholstered in a pukey lime green and has definitely seen better days.  Why not make a cover for the seat and the back using the selvages? Yeah, that's the ticket!  So I spent 2 hours, not just a few minutes, making a large enough piece to cover the seat of the chair.  I've got way enough more selvages to make a piece for the top later.  And I hope to staple the new cover to the seat someday this week since I won't be able to do any sewing  while Don's laying the new floor in there.

So, these are my lamentations about what I didn't get done. I did do a whole lot of sewing on other things that were actually completed!  And given away or sold in the Etsy store.  I tried really hard to shop my stash instead of the store but sometimes I just had to buy!  I think everyone who reads this will understand. :)

That's it. Sorry about no pix--no time today. Got grocery shopping to do when Don clears the snow out of the driveway and then I'll be at the laptop writing reports and getting ready for Monday's day of work.

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  1. I make lists too, it's the only way I get things done. I have a lot of sewing and quilting to do this year. Last year I seemed to be in a slump to do any sewing, now I am ready to get at the machine again, so hopefully get everything accomplished.