Thursday, January 1, 2015

Welcome, 2015!

And a Happy New Year to everyone!

Don and I celebrated "big time" last night--we shared a pizza and he watched a movie on the downstairs TV and I watched a movie on the upstairs TV. Both in bed and sound asleep long before midnight.  Not much to talk about but that's our style these days.  Son Dan was at his home playing board games with the little boys--welcome to family life, Dan!

Today promises to be much the same. New Year's brunch at my niece's house and then Don will be glued to the TV for the rest of the day, watching bowl games.  He does love his college football--but rarely will he watch a pro game!  When I married him (a few decades ago!) I knew nothing about the game and decided that I wouldn't be able to beat him so I may as well join him, and I became the biggest football fan in the state, I think.  Games began on Friday night at the high school stadium, Saturday am at the junior football games and Saturday afternoon watching the college games on TV. Sunday of course, was all pro games on television with the final game on Monday night with Howard Cosell and the boys in the booth.  Wow, that was quite awhile ago, wasn't it? I don't know what I would have done if I could have televised football any time of the day like it is now! Probably not much quilting!

After the first baby was born, all that went to pot!  I never saw an entire game after I began having children and through the years, I gradually became less and less interested until this year when I decided I couldn't support football any more.  That sounds rather blasphemous, doesn't it, coming from the land of the Packer cheeseheads!  No, I decided that this was a truly dangerous game at all levels of play and I couldn't continue enjoying a game where young boys and men were risking their lives in many ways for my entertainment.  Not just the concussions they endure but the orthopedic injuries they sustain that haunt them for the rest of their lives.  And I was tired of reading about all the scandals--dog fighting, child abuse, sex with underage girls, beating the girlfriend/wife, and on and on.  Nope, I was just tired of all of it and decided I had much better things to do than to support and encourage this sport.  So, no football for me beginning in 2014 and continuing.

Instead of being glued to the television today with my husband.  I'll be packing up my sewing room so tomorrow he can begin removing the dirty, stinky old carpet that's in there and get the room ready to lay the new wood floor.  For some reason, that old carpet is like velcro--all the threads and such just stick to it and I can't get anything vacuumed up in there!  So gross to look down and see all the tread and snippets littering the floor. And the smell!  I won't even go there, it's so gross!

Well, that's what my day is looking like. How about yours?  I hope you had a fun, satisfying and safe New Year's Eve and will enjoy a happy New Year today. 

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