Thursday, February 5, 2015

Common Quilt Sizes

After I measured the quilt top that Bonnie and I made last weekend, and it came out at 58 1/2" by 68 1/2", I wondered, what is the customary size for a quilted throw?  If this was too small, I was prepared to make a pieced border to get it up to size.

So I googled "What size is a quilted lap throw"  and google gave me a great site to check out.  Here it is:  Common Quilt Sizes.  This person searched all over the internet to get the information for sizes of all sorts of quilts, from placemats to making a custom quilt with pillow tuck and drape.  I'm happy now with the size of our quilt top and will not make a border to add to it.

I cut and pasted the information into a form that I could print out and will put it in the new folder I'm creating of information for cutting and sewing various units used in making quilts.  It seems that whenever I need to find a certain technique to make my cutting and sewing easier and faster, I have to search the internet to find what I need.  LIGHTBULB TIME !!!!!  I'm going to create a folder of printed techniques (and I'll keep it in my sewing room) containing all these helpful hints!  Maybe I'll decorate it with a picture of a lightbulb!

Anyway, I found this link helpful and thought I'd share it with you.  If you have found any helpful hints to ease our quilting tasks, please share, okay?

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