Monday, February 23, 2015

Back home again

I've been traveling this past week. Granddaughter Lily had a week of winter break so I flew out to Portland ME to be with her--and, oh, I had a great time!  The picture above is a little cove or harbor we stopped at while on a day trip along the Maine coast. Even in winter, it was very charming and picturesque. When Don and I return in June, I'd like to come back to this place and see how it looks without all the snow and ice.

This is Tessa, my daughter, and Lily, just hanging out. Lily is nearly 11 years old and is growing into quite a young lady. She will return to Wisconsin after she's out of school in June to spend the summer with us here, and I can't wait!  We made big plans for things we want to do this summer and it will be non-stop fun!

While on our day trip, we stopped in Freeport ME and had to get a picture of us with the big LL Bean boot.  Went to the outlet store there and Lily found the perfect winter jacket at the perfect price so she now has a Bean jacket like the rest of the Mainers in her class at school.  She was so happy to get it.

Here in the Midwest, it costs a fortune to have fresh seafood so I usually don't get any.  To be fair, we have wonderful fresh water fish but when I'm in an area near the sea, that's what I indulge in. On this trip, it was clam chowder (chah dah, as the Mainer's say it).  This is a picture from the recipe from Bon Appetit which you can find here if you want to see for yourself or if you want to make it. I won't be making it at home since Don doesn't like creamy soups.  I ordered chowder three times during my trip and each time it was better than before!  I think they really know how to make it right out there on the coast!  

Lily and I played Dominoes throughout the week and to make it a little more interesting, I introduced her to playing penny a point.  We kept track throughout the week and at the end. I owed her 14 cents!  I guess we are quite evenly matched, wouldn't you say? If you want to learn about the game of Dominoes, Wikipedia has all the information you'd ever want to know  here.

The visit with Tessa and Lily was wonderful but the traveling was awful!  When I woke up Friday am, I realized that the predicted storm for the east coast was going to come in earlier than expected so I called the airline and was able to get my flights changed from Saturday to Friday. So I had to pack everything and finish up everything on Friday and get to the airport in Minneapolis to catch a flight leaving in the late afternoon.  That flight was delayed leaving Mpls so that meant that I'd miss my connecting flight in LaGuardia in New York.  I was prepared to spend the night in the airport.  I figured I'd slept in train stations and bus depots over the years (usually in my college days) so why not complete it with a night in an airport.  :o)   When I arrived in New York I found out that the connecting flight was delayed as well, so I got to Portland at 1:30 AM. So. I guess I'll have to sleep in an airport some other time, (I hope not!)

This looks like me by the time I left Portland, except I have gray hair.

Both of my flights were on time on the way home, but I was very sick with a head cold.  Even though I took decongestants, my ears were so plugged up that it was very painful to take off and land and I think I may have some (hopefully) temporary damage in one ear. I felt really bad to be coughing and sneezing while on the planes but I couldn't help it.  That's how I got sick in the first place--other passengers sneezing on me on the way out there.  That's one thing I didn't want to pay forward though.

Today, I'm feeling much better and have to do a little office work, then it's into my sewing room to see what I want to work on first. I think I'll make the new fleece bathrobe that I've been needing all winter.  After all, we still have about 6 weeks of cold left here in  my part of the world.  I look out  into the back yard hoping that a miracle has occurred overnight and all the snow will be gone when I wake up in the morning and I'll be able to see buds and sprouts.  But no. All I see is snow.  So, a new fleece robe it is!

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