Friday, July 24, 2015

Fishing adventures!

We returned home today after a couple of days at my cousin's lake cabin and it was a wonderful time there in the peace and serenity of the lake and woods.  When we arrived and I stepped out of the car, I immediately breathed in the warm pine-scented air and felt the gentle breeze coming off the water. Ahhh, this was bliss!

Lily caught 11 fish and brought home 9 of them.  They'll be fried up tonight and turned into Bahn Mi sandwiches,  Vietnamese street food.  We make them with Sriracha mayo, pickled carrots, slivers of cucumber and Braggs sprinkled over all, and instead of pork, we use floured and fried fish of some sort. Sooo good! And her freshly caught pan fish will be perfect in these sandwiches.
While she and Don were fishing with Wayne, I did as I promised myself--sat in the shady porch overlooking the lake and finished the hand stitching on my Ingi Matako quilt.  Now it's officially complete!  Except, I found a couple of places where I want to remove the quilting and do it better. That should be easy and quick to do, then into the washer and dryer before I place it on Don's TV chair, ready for him when the chilly becomes unbearable.

Well, I didn't have any problem drawing a name for my "Completed Quilt" giveaway--it's Shay from Australia!  I'll have the package in the mail as soon as you email me your mailing address.  There may be a few other goodies in there for you as well as the camping quilt kit.  I mean, if I'm sending a package Down Under, it should be filled to the brim, right?  

I also got a small start on the Halloween embroidery but will set that aside for a bit. I decided that I need to make a table runner to take with next weekend when we go to another of Don's family reunions.  They all bring items to be auctioned or raffled off by the crowd attending. The money goes into the family coffers and is used to pay the expenses of next year's gathering. So, I think I can whip up a runner to bring along this year.  I'll bring the embroidery along to work on as we sail along on the interstate to central Illinois.  

Now, I have to change into my gardening clothes. There are weeds waiting for me to come and pull them out of the ground--as always!  Maybe a zucchini or two as well, to take home.


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  2. Lily looks pretty happy with herself . The lake sojourn looks very relaxing. Bahn Mi is a favourite in this house too, and we ate a LOT of it when we were in Vietnam.