Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Time is flying!

I think "Time Flies" is becoming a common theme in my blog posts, but it's so true!  These past 2 weeks have been filled with so much!

We've had our kitchen torn apart for a mini-remodel--some work on the old cabinetry, a new countertop, and new lighting and outlets. So the contents of the kitchen cupboards were piled on the table and the floor of the dining room.  Until it was time to replace the chandelier in there and then we had to move everything again so the workmen could get at the ceiling! We also had a ceiling fan and light installed in the tv room and yesterday, the guys finished up installing solar tubes in the tv room and in my bathroom.  All I can say is, "Let there be light!"  Not that I'm God or anything but it's so  nice to have even semi-decent lighting in this house.  I commented to Don this morning that we'll have lower electricity usage since we won't have the electric lights on all the time like we did before.

Just as an aside, I had saved every penny I earned last winter on that temp job I had, and it's nearly the exact amount we needed for these improvements to the house.  Others will work for food, I work for remodeling!  So I can cook food!

We're also getting ready for Tessa's eminent arrival--housecleaning all week in preparation--and Lily's departure.  Trying to get in all the activities that we said we would be doing this summer and now realize we only have a few more days with her.

In the midst of all this, I've squeezed in some sewing time, working on the blue and white/neutral log cabin quilt.  I finished all 64 blocks--they went together so quickly once all the strips were cut--and yesterday got them sewn together in rows.  With luck, I'll get the rows sewn together today and the center of the quilt will be finished.  I have fabric for the borders and will get them on tomorrow, I think.  Then, it'll be put away until after Lily's gone and I have more free time on my hands.

Oh, I nearly forgot.  Green beans are ripening like crazy and besides eating a whole lot of them, yesterday I put 8 bags of them in the freezer and I have an equal amount to do up today.

Yep, it's busy around here!  Summer is flying by and I'm loving all the things I'm getting to do.  How about you?  Are your days filled with happy activity too?

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