Sunday, August 30, 2015

Back to "as normal as I ever am" again

Don and I returned from Milwaukee last night after a whirlwind week of activities and we are so glad to have a leisurely Sunday morning after all the events of the previous week.

Daughter Tessa and friend Brad were supposed to arrive from Maine on Friday afternoon--Friday the 21st that is--but due to the incredible airline they flew on, they arrived a little after midnight on the 23rd!  And Lily and I were at the airport to meet them and drive them home. That was the beginning of a week of fatigue for me.  I won't go into all the details of their 2 day delayed flight and I won't mention any names but suffice it to say that we learned that the airline will be out of business by Oct 1--thank goodness!

From Sunday until Thursday morning we were on the go, showing Brad around the area (he loved going to the local Wisconsin cheese store!), hosting a barbecue for Tessa and her Menomonie friends, and getting Lily prepared to fly home to Maine on Saturday, the 29th--yesterday.  On Wednesday, Tessa and Brad drove to Milwaukee to take part in the pre-wedding festivities, leaving Lily and me to get her things packed up and ready to go home. Wednesday night, younger daughter Jo arrived after work to get mani-pedi's done on her and Lily, and on Thursday morning, the four of us--including Don--piled into the car to drive to Milwaukee.

What wedding, you say?  Well, my oldest child and only son was getting married to a beautiful young lady on Friday the 28th! It was a wonderful and joyous celebration of love!  Don and I agree, we've never been to a wedding with such happiness so evident. Nearly everything went off without a hitch, and the few errors were not bothersome to either the bride or the groom.  Don and I love Erin like a 3rd daughter and we are confident that Dan has chosen well.  Much happiness to the two of you in the years to come!

This is Jo, me, Lily and Tessa, goofing off in the bridal dressing room at the church.  Already the fun was beginning!

Today, Don and I have a very quiet house.  Lily, Tessa and Brad arrived home in Portland Maine last night without any hiccups and this morning's phone call assured me that both Lily and Tessa are very happy to be there.

So, what do I do now?  I've spent much of the past 10.5 weeks doing things with Lily and now I can do whatever I like!  Although I miss her already, I'm looking forward to spending more time in the sewing room.  In addition to the quilts I already had started and which I would like to start, I decided to do the Row by Row quilt and have been picking up row packets for all the places I've visited this summer--kind of a memory quilt.  So far I have rows from Peoria IL, Duluth MN, Mankato MN New Ulm MN, Windham ME, and Waunakee WI.  I have to get rows from Rice Lake WI (my usual hang out shop) and Tomahawk WI.  I also want to get ones from Appomattox VA (or nearby) and Nashville TN. but I'll have to try to get those two mailed to me later on.  Whew!  That's a lot of traveling around for one summer, I guess!  But I like the idea of having a summer memory quilt.

I'm also in charge of a block exchange for the guild but that doesn't begin until October, I believe. And this quilt top that Bonnie and I made for her AAUW silent auction fundraiser has to be quilted up and handed over to Bonnie for binding before the beginning of November:

And I have a couple of smaller quilt tops to be quilted up and finished, as well as the king sized quilt for Erin and Dan.  I guess I'll be busy enough in the months to come!

Today, I'm getting a few groceries, washing the guest bedding and then it's into the sewing room for the rest of the day.  Yea!

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