Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Allietare progress

I've been working on Bonnie Hunter's Allietare mystery quilt for 2015 which you can learn about here if you haven't heard about it already.  She's issued the first 2 instructions and, miracle of all miracles, I've managed to complete all the pieces for each step!  That's never happened before for me in a mystery quilt!

The first step was to choose fabrics. Bonnie suggests gold, reds, blacks and neutrals with a gray constant fabric. I had all of these in my stash but had to purchase 1.5 yards of gray and I added in a couple more golds for fun.

The first instruction was to make 2" half square triangles.   Love, love, love the Easy Angle method of making HSTs!  I made about 290 of these little buggers using my gray constant and a variety of neutrals including some Dr. Seuss fabric I picked up somewhere.

Step 2 was to make 20 sets of what we're calling "Santa Hats."  There are 4 units in each set--matching reds and neutrals in each set along with the constant gray.  I included some reindeer fabric (lower right corner) as well as some little blue birdie fabric (second row, left side) in with my neutrals. Bonnie suggests using the Companion Angle ruler which I don't have so I did it the old fashioned way.  Bonnie's tip in making the red and gray part of the "hat" is to draw a line diagonally on the gray fabric and stitch just inside the line, making the drawn line the fold line and not the stitching line. I had to unstitch very few of these pieces compared to up to half of them when I've actually stitched right on the line. I made all 20 sets but only show a few of them.

As always, with Bonnie's instructions, the pieces are fitting together perfectly!

I love these colors but I know others are using their own color combinations and they will be just as beautiful.  I'm really anxious to get working on step 3!  Can't wait to see this quilt all put together. Then it can join the multitude several other tops waiting in my closet to be quilted up.  :-)

I also finished making 8 of these little quilted gift tags/ornaments for family members.  Now I have to find time to go out there and get the gifts purchased and wrapped.  And for Lily and Tessa, mailed too.  I think I may be running out of time here if I don't get a move on!

Today, I'll be putting up the Christmas tree and decorating the house while Don does some painting in our dining room.  Tomorrow, with luck, I'll get ingredients and make up a few batches of Christmas cookies to send off to the kids.  Hurry, hurry, Barb--not much time left!

I hope your holiday preparations are more on schedule than mine are, but no matter, Enjoy the season!

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Displaying DSC_0087.JPG

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