Saturday, October 9, 2010

Favorite Things Saturday

Story of my life--a day late, a dollar short. Oh well, here's my FTF entry--on Saturday.

About 10 years ago, I bought a shallow pottery dish to use as a fruit bowl, but after awhile, it developed a crack and eventually cracked open completely one day last spring. Oh well, things don't last forever, right? I've been using a different bowl but it's a bit too deep to be a fruit bowl. So last weekend when I was with my friend, we went to nearby Cambridge WI to find a replacement. None to be had at the local pottery so we went along the country roads where there are a number of small independent potters, and there it was waiting for me! And here it is --my new fruit bowl!--with fruit even!

(You might notice there are holes in the bottom of the bowl and on the side as well. That's because it's not really a bowl but a strainer! Shhhh--don't tell anyone. I say it's a fruit bowl. That's my story and I'm sticking to it)

And since I'm a day late for FTF, I'll do a second favorite thing--my baking center. We put in a new kitchen about 5 years ago and I designated one area as a baking center. This means the counter top is a couple of inches lower than usual since I'm short and have to stand on a stool when I'm rolling out dough and doing other baking things on a standard height counter. I designed the center to have enough shelving for mixing bowls, baking ingredients like soda and extracts, and so forth and below, there are pull-out shelves for bins of sugar and flour and all my baking pans. I also had some wine bottle cubbies built because you know, baking always goes better with a little wine! LOL And the final feature of this center, as well as throughout the kitchen, is under cabinet lighting--wonderful!
So, now you know two of my favorite things in my house. I think I'll go make an apple pie. ;)


  1. In lots of old Australian kitchens there were baking centres. One part of the counter would be marble topped specifically for making pastry and cooling baked goods. Of course through the years these have been removed to make way for modern kitchens. I love that you put one in.

    And colander/strainer or not , I love your fruit bowl. Who says we have to use objects for the exact purpose they were designated for ? I think it shows a lot of creativity when we dont and makes the object quite unique.

  2. I love pottery, too. I don't have a lot of it, but I do like it. Your baking center is very neat! I just kind of have all my stuff in one corner with the Kitchen Aid mixer. It works well for me. I'd much rather bake than cook. I like your lowered place for rolling out dough. My mom had a pull-out shelf made in her cabinets that was just the right height for her. I'm taller. The counter is fine.

  3. Thanks, Rhoda and Ms. P, for your comments. I thought about having a marble top in the baking center, but the budget wouldn't stretch that far. The formica works just fine, I think.