Sunday, November 27, 2011


Thanksgiving is finished--except for making soup out of the turkey carcass! And I'm saving that for tomorrow.  I had a great holiday with only the immediate family here this year. All the extended fam had made other plans and that was a good thing since I still have a large and (getting pretty) dirty bandage of my left hand. I used a latex glove to protect the food from the bandage and vice versa and it worked ok. Also, Tessa came out on Wed and she and I worked together very well and made all the traditional foods for the dinner and it was lovely.  For the second year in a row, no sibling fights! Could this mean they are finally growing up?  I'll not hold my breath but I'm optimistic.

Now my thoughts turn to Christmas. Youngest daughter, Jo, absolutely loves Christmas and she used to drive us crazy with her Christmas music beginning right after Halloween!  And she would begin pestering Don and me to get the Christmas tree up the day after Thanksgiving.  That never happened since we get a live tree from the farm, but she still tried.

She's now in Bulgaria with the Peace Corps and this will be her first year so far away from home for the holidays with no relatives nearby. Her best friend from high school is teaching in France and the two girls young women are going to spend a couple of weeks travelling over the holidays.  A few days in Paris to start, then a week or so (including Christmas day) in Edinburgh Scotland, then south to London where they'll see a performance of  "A Christmas Carol." Boy, do I wish I was 25 again, footloose and fancy-free!

Anyway, Jo has a blog on blogspot and she recently posted this:
A couple of years ago, my neice who is married to a bush pilot and lives in Alaska sent this YouTube for us to see. I loved it then and I loved seeing it again this morning.  If anyone needs to get in the spirit of Christmas, I hope this helps.

With all the kids back in their seperate homes and Don tuned in to more football games (I have no idea how many he watched over the weekend, but I'm sure I'd have to take off my shoes and socks to count that high  ;-)  ), I'm going to spend the day in the sewing room and finish off the leftovers for dinner tonight.

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  1. Hello! I'm 'Mean Old Lady,' and I see we are both quilters, gardeners, wives of Dons, and empty-nesters.

    I have the last wash going, and as soon as I've ironed the linen napkins, the holiday is officially over--except for the turkey that's left over. And as much I as I loved Thanksgiving this year, I'm glad to be nearly back in my comfortable rut!