Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Snow-Embroidery-Voting-Pin Basting

I just read Marcia's post about the first snowfall at her house, here:
While I think her photos are beautiful--only a northern girl born and bred would appreciate pix of snow lol--I'm glad the storm is south of where I live.  I'm just not ready for our beautiful Autumn to end yet. 

I'm embroidering the little snowman wall hanging for the guild exchange next month and making quite speedy progress on it to boot. For the last 2 evenings I've been watching MSNBC after supper and while stitching, and I must say I was very pleased with the voting coverage last night, particularly in Ohio and Mississippi and Maine.  In Wisconsin, we are beginning the Recall Walker campaign next week so my stitching and quilting may have to be put aside a bit as I work on that.

I brought 2 quilt tops, batting, and backing with me to work yesterday and after work, I laid them out on the tables in the meeting room so I could pin baste them together into a quilt sandwich.  I'm no longer able to do this on the floor and find that pinning at table height is soooo much easier.  I got the flannel baby quilt pinned, but when I laid out the Christmas throw, I realized the batting was about 2" too short.  Drats!  I had taken large batting scraps and pieced them and thought it was big enough, but not.  So I have to add a few inches on the batting and drag the thing back to work another day. And there's nothing I like better than staying at the office after hours to do this!  (Sarcasm there)  Oh well, there's nothing to be done but fix it and get on with the quilting.

When I finish the tops, I'll post pix of them.

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