Monday, April 23, 2012

The "joys" of gardening

Yesterday, we had warm and partially sunny weather here so I spent several hours outdoors doing some gardening--pruning (don't yell at me, gardeners, for not getting this done last winter--I know I should have), weeding, and generally starting to tidy things up.  Well, the price I'm paying today is stiff, achy fingers, knees, and back. I didn't think I'd overdone it but I guess I did. So, today is another warm and sunny day and I'll be working on quilting instead of going outside and adding to my misery. Well, maybe I'll be out for only an hour or so. We've had such a cloudy, cold and rainy April that I hate to waste a day like this, but that's how it's to be.

I've been getting that giant auction quilt ready to be sandwiched.  I have the back all pieced together and I just have to  piece a bit of batting and then take it to work with me on Wed to get it all pinned.  I use the tables in the meeting room after work to lay it all out rather than crawling around on the floor--No mam! Those days are gone for me!  I'll try to get a picture of it when it's all laid out.

I've also made a set of place mats for my Etsy store and I posted them today. I made them to coordinate with the table runner I had posted earlier.  

I think they're pretty.  I've been using quilted place mats for the past 10 years or so and I love them. They add a texture that's missing from other mats, and when I set a plate or a glass on them, it just sounds different--soft and nice.

Today, I'm making a table quilt that will probably come out to about 50" square.  Pastel spring colors I think.  Probably some applique as well as a pinwheel block.  We'll see.

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