Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What I did on my Spring Vacation

I went on vacation in March to Sedona AZ. My first time in N. AZ but not my first in AZ.  When I attended a conference in Scottsdale a few years ago, I suffered so badly from dry eyes!  I'd forgotten to bring my eye drops, and I never once during the four days I was there, thought to go to the store and buy some!  Duh!  This time I brought a fresh bottle of drops, but of course, never needed them.

Don and I arrived in Phoenix after a rocky start--the security line in Minneapolis was so long, and we'd arrived just a little later than planned, and Don took extra time to get through security since he always has to be "wanded." So we arrived at the gate just in time to see our plane leaving.  He was furious but for naught. We were able to get on the next plane 1 1/2 hours later and arrived in Phoenix in plenty of time. 

We drove to Sedona where we met our friends and began a very relaxing and wonderful week in beautiful red rock country.  The time share was small but comfortable. We found great restaurants. Bonnie and I did some shopping (found a quilt shop on the main drag-yippee) while Jerry and Don golfed. 

We spent a day at Grand Canyon--what a place! It's impossible to see how huge and magnificent it is.  I want to get my knees fixed and go down into the canyon--it's on my bucket list!

 This is the four of us taking a lunch break and simply admiring the canyon.

 We saw some California Condors both in flight and sitting on this rocky spot.  They are the black spots on the white rock.  We think they're mating. (Get a room, will ya? Oh yeah, the Grand Canyon IS your room! :)  ) Jerry's an ornithologist so he was thrilled to be able to see them for himself!

Bonnie and I spent an afternoon on a spiritual tour of the Sedona area with Hugh, a very fine guide.  He took us to several of the spots where the vortexes converge and I could feel the energy in my hands as he led us through some exercises.  All the while we were in Sedona, I felt calm and peaceful--unlike vacationing in other places.

When we woke up on our last day, we found about 4" of heavy, wet snow on the ground with more falling!  The highway to Phoenix was closed unless you had chains or 4 wheel drive, which we didn't, so we couldn't leave that day. Not so bad since I'd screwed up the plane reservations and we needed to get on a different flight.  We found a motel in town where we watched basketball all afternoon and since it was continuing to snow, we decided to turn in our car and take the shuttle to Phoenix the next day, as our friends had done. 

Still snowing when we woke up--at least another 4"--so we happily paid the $100 for the shuttle and the extra $221 (Yikes!  I'll never use Hertz again!) for leaving the rental car there and hopped on the shuttle. By the time we were 10 miles out of Sedona and into lower elevation, the snow had stopped and the road was clear all the way to Phoenix!  I whispered to Don that we better enjoy this ride since it was the most expensive one we'll ever take!  Got to the airport in plenty of time and all was well the rest of the way back home.

We did a lot of other things on this trip, but not as much as I'd wanted to, so I guess I'll have to return and finish what we started.  Got to get the knee fixed first, tho.  :-)

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