Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Dan's quilt

Before we left Wisconsin to come to Alabama, I made up the quilt blocks for this quilt and the other day I assembled them.   This was supposed to be a Courthouse Steps pattern but I realized (after I'd cut all the pieces, of course!) that it wouldn't turn out that way. So I proceeded to make the blocks in a new pattern. I'm trying to come up with a name for this block but all I can think of are things like "Basement Steps,"  "Stair Steps," and so forth. I'll have to do some work on the name, I think.  Wait a minute.  How about "Garden Steps?"  I like that. It reflects the few floral fabrics in the blocks and still keeps the steps idea going.  Yes, that's it--"Garden Steps." (Now watch. Some one will comment that there's already a Garden Steps block.  Oh well.)

I'll quilt this up when I get home.  I'm not adding any borders and I'll probably just do a meander all over it. Nothing too fancy.

I made a black and white quilt for my son over 10 years ago when I was beginning to be a quilter. He's still using it and I examined it when I was visiting him last fall. It's an okay quilt but I think it's time for him to have a better one, so I got this fabric a few years ago and finally have it made up.

I bought several pieces of a line of fabric and I was very happy with them except there wasn't enough to make a bed sized quilt.  One night at guild, our speaker threw out the idea that it was okay to add fabrics from other lines together. She said that sticking with the fabrics from the manufacturer's line was nice and safe but adding other fabrics made it more interesting.  Well, that was exactly what I needed and I went home and found several additional fabrics from my stash and now they're all incorporated in this quilt. I'm happy with all of it except for one fabric that is a little bit off but not too much.

This was an easy quilt to assemble using 2.5" strips. It would be a good one to make using a jelly roll as well.  In order to avoid having to match seams, and pressing in certain ways so the seams would nest, I chose to offset the blocks, using half blocks at the ends of half of the rows. Easy peasy!

So this is Dan's quilt and I hope to get it to him before summer.

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  1. That is a lovely quilt, I am sure your son will like it.