Monday, February 18, 2013

Eye of newt and toes of frogs

I've been walking every morning since we got here to Gulf Shores.  I haven't walked much since September in Germany when I got a nasty blister between my big toe and first toe. Well, the same thing has happened to me again, but on both feet.  The other day I decided I'd better put some Band Aids over the blisters.  I had 4 Band Aids in the cosmetic bag I take on my travels.  The first one was a plain brown colored bandage but the other three---Holy Quiditch, Harry!  They were Harry Potter band aids!  

I think I must have put them in the bag when we took Johanna on a trip to Mexico, over 10 years ago and she was all into Harry Potter at that time. Amazing that they are a sticky as anything and are doing a great job of protecting my poor toes. So now my toes are looking bee-you-tea-full in Harry Potter bandaids!

Since I had no more band aids in my bag, I bought a box of Tinkerbell band aids to have on hand for the next trip.  I don't think pretty band aids should be only for little girls, do you?

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