Monday, February 3, 2014

I'm in Ft. Morgan, AL, for the month and I can't begin to say how glad I am to be here!  We returned from Hawaii on Friday the 17th of January and by Saturday afternoon, I was down for the count with the Mother of All Head Colds.  Even though I was so sick and had a horrible cough that made it hard to breathe, I managed to get the kitchen totally unpacked and was able to get some order in the sewing room.  After a week of coughing so hard that I was peeing my pants ---so gross!--I want to the doc and got an inhaler that gradually helped with the cough.  Now, I'm pretty much back to normal (no more peeing in my pants, thank God!) but I'm still using the inhaler a couple of times a day.

We arrived here at the cottage two days ago and I'm so glad to be here. Today I woke up at nearly 9 am--almost 11 hour of sleep. Guess I was a little tired.  Today, I'm going for my walk and then I'll begin working on the first of the 4 quilting projects that I brought along.

Tessa asked me a couple of years ago to make her a quilt using beach and sea colors--pale aquas, peaches, greens and blues. She wants squares of the colored fabrics surrounded by strips of a pale sand/grayish color.  She picked out the fabrics, all batiks, and I'm ready to get started on it. Should have the top finished by the time I return home.

This year, I forgot to pack the camera so I'm going to see what I can do with my phone camera and maybe we'll end up getting a new camera which we have been wanting to do anyway.  I'll do my best to add pix if I can.

I also resumed my other blog, A Juicer's Journey, which is here.  I wrote this blog last winter to document my experience on a juicing diet. It worked well while it lasted but it's pretty severe and after 4 weeks, I called it quits.  This year, I'm beginning a modified juice diet so we'll see how that goes.  If you want to follow along, please do so.


  1. Glad to hear you are feeling better. Your beach quilt sounds lovely, and I'll be watching for photos. Just curious, but is one of your projects appliqué a la Baltimore Album style? I have been watching for a good book and hope to find one this weekend. I'm off to check your juicing journey...

  2. I forgot to mention, that I laughed out loud at your coughing/peeing comments...i had a month of that last fall...I could relate!