Friday, February 7, 2014

No more fabric!

I've been here in Alabama for nearly a week and I've spent several days at the sewing machine working on a quilt for my daughter. She chose a very simple boxy pattern that's going together very quickly and I have  made about 3/4 of the 255 blocks needed. Yesterday, I ran out of fabric!  I thought I'd bought enough of the grayish/sandy color that frames the colored squares but I was wrong. The problem is I bought the fabric about a year or so ago at a quilt shop near where I live.  I'm not even going to look for more of that fabric while I'm here but will wait and go to the Busy Bobbin as soon as I get home in March.  I'm really disappointed since it was going together so well.  It'll be the first thing I do after I get back home.

Today, I'm going to the local quilt shop and pick up a few fat quarters of neutrals so I can get started on this Talkin Turkey quilt that I want to make for myself. It's a Bonnie Hunter pattern Talkin Turkey that's in her book, "String Fling." I love that it's red and white and have collected a ton of red fat quarters but somehow, not enough neutrals.  So, that's my plan for the day.

I've not been able to figure out how to get photos off my camera and onto this blog or even to email them to myself.  I need a smarter phone, I think, but I'm afraid that it'll be smarter than me. : p)

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