Thursday, May 28, 2015

Zebras, and giraffes, and leopards, and peacocks--Oh, My!

After I finished the red and neutral Talkin' Turkey quilt, I resolved to quilt up some of the tops that have been sitting around for awhile before I begin working on piecing another top.  About 2 years ago, my guild sponsored a "Stack and Whack" workshop.  I chose a fabric with lots of exotic animals on it which you can see here on the pieced backing.  Leopards, giraffes, peacocks, and zebras, amid viney curlicues and so forth.  

I'd never done a  "Stack and Whack" quilt but I've always been fascinated by the unique designs that you get with this technique.  I made 16 blocks but only used 12 of them on the front of the quilt with the brown sashing and deep red posts.  Then come a gold border and a dark red border and finally a 6" border of the focus fabric.

I put the other 4 blocks on the back of the quilt, along with some green and red tree fabric which wasn't quite enough, and some of the extra animal print.  So this is how the back looks. I had finished piecing both the top and the back except for a strip of about 5" along one of the short edges. This is throw size, by the way.  Anyway, I got distracted and put the thing away months ago when all it needed before sandwiching was that little strip across the end.

I carefully chose the 4 blocks to put on the back because of this:

Do you see it?  A circle of zebra butts!  And there are two "butt blocks" on the back!  How did I do that?  I never saw them until the blocks were laid out and then those 2 blocks just jumped out at me! Well, I guess it's a bit of interest on this otherwise rather ordinary quilt.

So, last week I stitched on that little strip, cut the batting, pressed everything and got it pin basted. 

I have all 12 of the front blocks partially quilted and am waiting for a shipment of threads that I need for this quilt  and then I can finish quilting the blocks.  I noticed that the blocks on the front and back almost perfectly line up so the quilting on one side is nearly perfect on the 4 blocks on the back as well. I've also pretty well planned out the quilting for the sashing and the 3 borders.  I had hoped to get this one done before the end of the month, but I'm having serious problems with both of my Husqvarna machines so I'll be spending some serious time with them tomorrow to see if I can get them stitching smoothly again. 

So, that's what I've got under the needle--zebra butts.  What's under your needle?

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  1. Love the fussy cutting on this quilt - and what unique fabric. Im going to confess sewing took a back seat today , while I had a nap. Sigh- and I had such high hopes for progress. Too late now though - Im off out to dinner!