Friday, May 15, 2015

Back to Talking Turkey

In my last post, I said I was hoping to be able to sit at my sewing machine after a 4 week hiatus due to the knee replacement surgery. Well, I'm happy to report that sitting at the machine is definitely doable again!  I'm so happy!  I find that a combination of some sitting time, some pressing time and some cutting time seems to keep the knee limber and functioning.

Every day this week I've spent a few hours in my sewing room. Strange isn't it, that I simply don't have the energy for housework but have more than enough for quilting?  ;-)  Hmmmmm.  While I was laid up and in the recliner for 4 weeks, I worked on the embroidery project, Farmhouse Window Sills, that I've post about here so I won't repeat myself.  However, when I went downstairs to the sewing room, I put that project away and began working again on Talking Turkey, a Bonnie Hunter pattern from one of her books, that I'd begun in February, 2014.  At the most recent guild meeting, one of the members asked if I'd been working on that quilt--she remembered it from a sew-in I'd been to last November! I had to admit that I'd looked at it a few times and had even opened the box it was stored in, but, no, I hadn't done any further work on it.  For some reason, her comment has been nagging me, so I decided I had to get the top finished before I began again on the Farmhouse quilt.

So here's what I've been doing. I had come to the point where the blocks were sewn into rows, so I made more pieced sashing and sewed the rows together.  Then I began on the first of 4 pieced borders. FOUR PIECED BORDERS!  Who does that!  Well, Bonnie Hunter does and so do people like me who don't study the pattern closely before beginning! I have the first 2 borders attached and have nearly all the piecing done for the 3rd border--my goal is to finish the piecing on that one and get it attached today. It might take awhile--The quilt center measures something like 92" by 77" so it's a big one!

Here is the quilt on the floor with the 3rd border attached on the sides.  The top and bottom borders are next to be attached.

The fourth and final border (yea!) is another row of red and neutral flying geese units.  

But, oh how I love how it's turning out!  I was visualizing it the other day, on one of the beds for the holiday season.  Can't wait!

That's about all that's been happening here.  Lots of exercising--stationary biking, walking, and the stretching and strengthening workout (Ugh!)--very little housework, and some sewing.  I've been surrounded by blooming crabapple and plum trees in the yard and the neighborhood as I take my walks.  Of course, the last 2 days we've had rain so now the trees look quite bedraggled.  This weekend, we hope it stops raining long enough for us to get into the garden and begin planting the cool weather crops like potatoes, peas, and onions.  Everything else will have to wait until after Memorial day to avoid any late season frosts.

That's it. Time to get the top and bottom borders on this darn quilt!

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  1. It looks amazing. You have every right to be excited and proud of how this is coming together. And Im almost as excited as you would have been that you're getting back to your sewing machine. Impressive !