Saturday, September 5, 2015

Labor Day Weekend

These green beans made it to the freezer the other day, but now I have another picking of beans waiting to be put away in there.  I'm beginning to wonder if the bean harvest will ever end!  And I'm also wondering if the tomato harvest will ever begin!  So far, we've picked less than a dozen tomatoes from our 10 or so plants.  They have lots of green tomatoes on the vines but ripening has been going very slowly and next week we're supposed to go into the big cooling down period called Autumn. And I had high hopes of making many jars of salsa and pasta sauce.  Sigh. Guess I'll have to work on quilts instead.

Made great progress yesterday on the Halloween embroidery and I got that finished today. Hopefully, I'll be able to make up the borders and get the entire top finished today and ready to be quilted.

I love this pattern from Bird Brain Designs.  I think these little witches and ghosts are cute and not the least  bit frightening.  Maybe one day I'll make up one for my own table!

Before I can move to the sewing room though, I need to make a grocery run and probably should get to the garden to harvest the beets and maybe the carrots.  Carrots just need to be cleaned off and stored in the fridge and some of the beets as well. The rest of the beets will get cooked, sliced, and put in the freezer for the winter. Love me some beets on the cold days of January!

So, that's what my Labor Day weekend is looking like--harvesting and quilting. What do you have planned for yours?

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