Sunday, May 22, 2016

May Time is Gardening Time


After such a cool--downright cold some nights!--and rainy spring, we in NW Wisconsin are finally getting the sun and warmth that we dream about all winter.  So quilting will take a back seat to gardening for a few months, but rest assured, it won't be forgotten completely!

Don spent yesterday working with the 15 year old neighbor boy to build low planter boxes to cover the rock mulch that came with the house in a EVERY ONE of the planting beds around the house and pool!   This is the first one they completed next to the deck. They filled it with black dirt, covering the 6" plus of stones that are in there.

This is the corner between the new planter box and the steps of the deck. I know, just what you want to see on Sunday morning--dirty rocks--but bear with me. I've been seeing them every day since I moved here 2 1/2 years ago. It's time to cover them up with some nice plantings!  Actually, in this little triangle, Don will clean up the rocks with a hose and I'm getting a large, very large, pot to set in there and fill with flowers for the summer.

On second thought, maybe I should make up a wagon like this one to put there instead. I think it's cute. Lori Kennedy of The Inbox Jaunt posted it today.  I already have the old Flyer wagon that we got for our son back in the late 70's, we have a number of large rocks scattered among the stone mulched planting beds--stone on stone must have been the rage in the 70's.  And I have assorted pots that I can use for the flowers.  Yes, indeed. Much better idea than shelling out upwards of $100 to get the pot and all the dirt and all the flowers, when I have all these things here already!  

Flowers, Vintage

I also put my vegetable transplants out in the sun yesterday to harden them up.  I'd started them in the house in our grow light system and for the past several days, I've had them out in shady and then semi sunny areas and yesterday came the real test. Were they tough enough to handle a full day of sunlight?  Indeed they were!  They even camped out overnight and were bright and perky when I saw them this morning.  I have a number of tomato plants, bell and jalepeno peppers, a dozen broccoli, some brussels sprouts and an eggplant.  These will all be going into our community garden plot over the next two weeks, I hope.

While Don was building planter beds, I made a run to the local nursery and picked up some seed potatoes and onion sets. I love, love the taste of my home grown potatoes and we usually grow enough to have them for Thanksgiving dinner.

We don't have a good storage area for them so, any longer and they grow long sprouts and look like Medusa!

Image result for medusa

While I was at the nursery, I decided to get some of the flowers I need to plant my 3 hanging pots and 3 large pots that I keep near the front entrance of the house. Here, the flowers are on the front steps waiting some attention from me. That's my job for this morning.  

This afternoon, Don and I will be heading to the garden plot to get it ready for planting and to place the 2 fences we use for climbing green beans and snap peas.  We'd like to get the potatoes planted if we can as well as some onions and the snap peas.  

So, it looks like a busy day for me outdoors. Oh, I forgot to tell you of my good luck yesterday.  But I have to back up a little. I got the results of my bone density test and I need to do some work on getting my bones back in shape.  I think I mostly need to increase my exercise--from extremely little to anything's-better-than-that!  I've been taking a walk the past few days, through the neighborhood where there are numerous garage sales going on, including one at my neighbor's.  On the way home, I notice that she had something leaning against the fence that looked suspiciously like a quilt hanger. As I got closer, I saw that it's a 5" quilt rack to put up on the wall, so I popped in there and snapped it up for $5!  I have the perfect place for it in my sewing room/spare guest room, and I can't wait to get it hung and ready for a quilt.  But I have to make the quilt first, but wait, I have to do the gardening first!  What to do?  

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