Saturday, May 28, 2016

Memorial Day weekend

Remember and appreciate all that has been given for us.

I have no special plans for this weekend.  Don and I will try to get some garden planted in between cloudbursts.  Wish us luck with that!

I will continue to make Bear Paw blocks. I have 99 made with 45 left to go.  HOWEVER, I realized yesterday that something was terribly wrong.  I was using up the background fabric at a very fast pace, and I began having concerns that I may not have purchased enough.  First thing yesterday morning, I got out my yardage calculations, and right away, I saw that I'd forgotten to double the amount of background fabric called for.  Yes, indeed, I only had 2 yards and I need 4.  Thank goodness for technology!  I called the shop and spoke with the gal, Christy, who remembered the fabrics I'd chosen on Tuesday since she was the one who did the cutting for me.  And she said there was another 2 yards on the bold. She promised she'd put it in today's mail, so I should get it on Tuesday or Wednesday.  

Don't tell anyone, but I have set a goal to have this king size quilt finished by the time I arrive in Maine on June 16 so I can personally deliver it to it's new owner.  I really like how the blocks are coming together.  I'm using lots of scraps and pulling fabrics from my stash for the various colored claws, and I like the overall effect.  Wish me luck in getting it done by my self-imposed deadline.

The third thing on the weekend agenda is to entertain my daughter, Jo, when she comes home for a visit on Monday.  If it stops raining long enough, we'll do some cooking on the grill to make a nice meal for her. Always love it when Jo comes home--and the other kids as well, don't get me wrong!--because she has a joyous laugh that just fills the house!  Can't wait to see her.

So, that's what it looks like for this rainy weekend here in Wisconsin.  However you spend your time this weekend, I hope you enjoy it very much.  Take some time to think of all the people--civilians and soldiers as well--who have died in the many, many wars that we've been involved in. These people sacrificed in the name of freedom and should never be forgotten.

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