Tuesday, April 11, 2017

A snowy finish--almost!

The view from my front door this morning when I woke up.  I almost thought I was in the Caribbean on a white sand beach--but, no.  Nothing more needs to be said about this.

That was the snowy part. Now comes the finish part. The customer's wall quilt is finished but for hand sewing the binding and I'll do that this afternoon while listening to an audio book I got from the library.

I stitched a different design in each of the same-colored rectangles, a feather in the light yellow, 

outlined flowers and leaves in the gold blocks,

up and down in the dark blue,

and other designs that don't show up too well on the camera. I'm glad to be nearly finished with it and I hope the customer likes what I've done with it.  Regardless, I'll be delivering it to her in the next couple of days, I hope.

Other than finishing up the quilting on this piece, I worked on my embroidery and have nearly finished all the little 5" blocks. There are 2 more that I neglected to trace so I'll get that done today and carry on.  I think I'll have to go on a little road trip tomorrow to the LQS to get fabric that will work with the embroidery.  Then, I'll be hand appliqueing the embroidered circles onto squares of the fabric I choose.  I've had a class in needle turn applique, several years ago, but have never actually done any, so I think this is a good place to begin with it.  All curved edges, nothing too challenging. That means I'll have to go through my sewing room to see if I can find the silk thread and milliner's needles that I bought at the class and if not, I guess I'll have to buy them again!  Wish me luck!

I also want to make up a couple of backs for Jo's T shirt quilt shown in the 2 pics below,

Left side

Right side

and for this aqua and cream throw sized quilt top I finished this winter. I realize that I don't have a picture of the finished top on this computer but this is the center of the quilt. I finished it off with a stop border and then a 4" piano key border of the remaining aquas and greens that I had. I'll post a picture of it in the next day or two.

I also need to give some thought to what I'm going to take to spring retreat next week.  I think I'll concentrate on making up the top for the Hands2Help project that I joined this year. But I haven't decided what pattern to use!  I guess that's the first thing, right? I do know that it'll be a scrappy quilt--gotta clear out the stash closet to make room for more coming in!

So my day consists of hand sewing the binding on the customer quilt, tracing the last 2 embroidery blocks, and making up at least one backing for the 2 quilts I want to get sandwiched and quilted up ASAP.  What's on the agenda for you today? I'd love to hear!

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  1. Love the t-shirt quilt. It is 85 here today. I don't care if I never see snow again. Beautiful work.