Thursday, April 6, 2017

The Destination Meeting

Once a year, the guild has a "Destination Meeting" where we pick an area quilt shop and instead of holding our regular meeting at the Rec Center, we drive to the shop and check it out.

This year, the group chose to visit The Quilting Nook and More, in nearby Osseo, WI.  I'd been there once before and thought it was a great shop. The guild visit was not disappointing one bit.  Below is the picture they have on their FB page (so far there isn't a web page). Actually, that's the display in their front window right now.  As always, I never thought to take pics of the group while we were there, so I'll do my best with words.

Although this is a small shop, Theresa has packed it with gorgeous fabrics--many of them Civil War repros and Kansas Troubles-type of designs.  Of course, I love these fabrics and the other night I had to bring some home with me, pictured below.

These are 4 half yard pieces and 4 fat quarters that will go nicely in my stash of Civil War-type fabrics.  But I think I'll have to move this stash to a larger bin since the last time I looked, it was kinda overflowing!  Or maybe I should get moving and sew them up into something!  

There's also a great selection of Gail Pan and Crabapple Hill hand embroidery patterns and kits. I fell in love with Gail Pan during my first visit to the Quilting Nook last fall, and this time, I purchased her book, Christmas Patchwork Loves Embroidery, and can't wait to go through it and decide what I want to make out of it. I think embroidered ornaments will sell in my Etsy shop at Christmas time, so I'll probably make up some of them to start.  I also got a spool of red and green variegated Superior thread 12 wt that I'll use to stitch up these projects.  

Before we were "allowed" to shop, Theresa had a demo prepared for us. She showed how to make an Easter Egg placemat, quilt as you go, which can serve as a trivet if you use a heat resistant batting instead of or in addition to cotton batting.  She had a pattern made up for each of us and I just may make up some of them, again  for the Etsy shop next Easter.  Or I may forget to do it by that time!  

My friend Barb came to my house in the afternoon before the Destination Meeting and we had a quick and easy early supper before we left.  If we'd had time, I would have suggested that we leave early and have dinner at one of my favorite local chain restaurants, The Norske Nook, which is just down the street from the quilt shop.  This place is known for Scandinavian foods, (they offer a wrap sandwich made with lefse instead of a tortilla!) and especially for their nationally award winning pies!  Apple pie at the Norske Nook is the best!  

But, we didn't have time to go there, which is okay since I really don't need another piece of apple pie.  Barb spent the night at my house since she has a long drive home and it was late.  After she left in the morning, I spent way too much time on the computer and developed a migraine that wiped me out for most of the afternoon.  No time in the sewing room yesterday, but I hope to get there today.  

I have a Dr's appt at 2:15 so we'll see how much of the afternoon is left when I get home from there. While we were in Alabama in February, I noticed a spot on my leg, near the ankle, that I'd not seen before, and it felt a little bit raised and rough.  Procrastinator that I am, I put off calling the doc until last week, and now I have 2 additional spots that I don't recall having before.  Not to get too technical but my body has always been covered with moles and other assorted freckles and such.  Once I counted the number of moles on one forearm, from elbow to wrist and came up with 35! It's really hard to notice anything different, and chances are good that these are simply new additions to my collection of warts, spots, and moles, but I want the Doc to tell me that. Wish me luck with this, and if they are cancerous, I'm sure they can be easily treated.  Positive attitude is everything, don't you agree?  And aren't you glad I didn't include a picture of these spots for you to see?  ;p)  Hah!

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