Friday, March 2, 2012

Favorite Things Friday

Tater Tot Hotdish.

Tater tot hot dish just out of the oven

I was reading Bonnie K Hunter's blog today, and she mentioned Tater Tot Hotdish. I realized what a favorite comfort food that dish is and it's this week's FTF. 

Even though I spent the most of my life in MN, and didn't permanently move to WI until 1988, I'd never had Tater Tot Hotdish.  That's almost unheard of in MN!  For those of you who aren't from the Midwest, a "hot dish" is known as a "casserole" in the rest of the world.  Sound just a little too fancy for Minnesotans, doncha think?

Anyway, a couple of years  ago the family had a reunion at a resort in Cass Lake in N MN and I made TT Hotdish for the first time when 6 year old Lily asked for it.  She and I both fell in love with it and it's become one of my favorite comfort foods.  It's so simple, cheap and tastes super.  The recipe is at the website at the top of the page but the recipe I use has a layer of frozen mixed veggies between the ground beef and the soups, and there's no cheese on top. I like to think these changes make it a "healthy" dish. LOL

My other favorite comfort food is a hot pork sandwich as we have it in the Midwest.  Can't find a pix so a description will have to do.  Sliced roast pork in a sandwich made of white bread--whole wheat if you want this to be "healthy!"  No butter, no mayo, nothing but bread and meat.  Put on the plate and put a scoop of mashed potatoes alongside. Super generously slather everything with homemade pork gravy.  To me, that's comfort food, especially if it's homemade mashed potatoes with some little lumps in there.  Yumm!

I am now so hungry and it's 3 hours yet until lunch!  Enjoy your Friday and your comfort food too.


  1. This is absolutely terrible to see and read about right before lunch! It looks so scrumptious. I'm practically drooling. Since I love learning new things, I was glad to learn that a casserole is called a Hotdish in MN.

  2. never had the tater tot hotdish .. might just have to try it. thanks. great FTF

  3. As we head into colder weather Tater tot hotdish might be something I try to make. It looks like perfect winter food. Im slathering it in cheese and forgoing the vegies if I do because I dont care about my health!

    I make a version of your pork sandwich using beef and rolls. Yum!

  4. That looks like a winter winner :-)