Tuesday, March 6, 2012

15 minute challenge

I just realized it's 15 Minute Challenge day--time to weigh in report on my progress this week. 

This week I quilted several hours on Wednesday since I was snowed in and didn't go to work. Thursday and Friday, I did work, so no quilting. Saturday, Sunday Monday and Tuesday, I was in the sewing room for many hours each day.  As posted a little while ago, I finished the D4P for Lily.

I also updated the list of UFOs on my side bar. I'm going to keep that as a list of the things I've accomplished, quilt wise, in 2012. It'll be interesting to see what it adds up to--a pleasant surprise, or quiet despair--next December 31.

Next project, before we go to AZ for a week's vacation, is to prepare the backing and get my grandmother-in-law's handmade quilt top to the machine quilter to do while we're gone.  This is one that needs the expertise of a professional quilter.

I like having to account for my time every week. Maybe I'll eventually clear out all that stuff in my quilting room. LOL


  1. You have done very well with your 15 minute challenge this past week with the amount of time you have spent in your sewing room.
    Documenting all of the quilts you want to complete so that all the world can see, should give you lots of insentive to get 'em done. The same works for me when i know that each month our guild has show and tell, makes me get projects completed.
    Love Lily's quilt.

  2. Lily's quilt is so pretty! Congrats on the finish.

  3. sounds like you got a lot of sewing time in last week and that finish of Lily's quilt is really cute. she's gonna love it~!


  4. Lily's quilt is beautiful! Great week.

  5. I loved the Lily's quilt. Wonderful progress and enjoy your trip!

  6. I wish we got snowed in and couldn’t go to work ...

    By the time you have your current stuff cleared I have no doubt you will have started many new things . Quilting and sewing is a hobby where you can never actually say you;re finished. There’s too much inspiration out there!

    Lily's quilt is gorgeous.