Tuesday, May 8, 2012

15 minute challenge

My fingers and hands have recovered from all the unstitching I did over the past few days. Can I count that as part of my 15 minute challenge?  Oh, yes, I can!  Yesterday, after giving my mitts a "Satin Hands" treatment (They are oh so smooth and soft now!  Love it!), I spent over 5 hours at the machine, re-quilting the auction quilt, this time in a design that works much better with the quilt blocks and which is much more suitable to me. I go about a third of the center done--Yea!

I seem to be working on my quilting only on my days off.  By the time I come home from work, I'm totally exhausted from the hampster-cage atmosphere of the office.  But on my days off, I can get in 4 or more hours at a time--and my back pain is lessening as I increase my time. Does that mean I'm turning into the Hunchback of Prairie Farm?  Or does it mean the muscles are getting stronger?  I hope it's the latter. :)

1 comment:

  1. You are sooooo patient to be able to take out all that stitching and start fresh! Pictures of the auction quilt soon I hope? I have been catching up with my favorite blogs (the past few months I have been ultra busy) and I have to say the vintage family quilt is a beauty, you are so lucky it came into your hands for safekeeping. I work an office job too and laughed at your description - I would like to sew a bit everyday, but most days I am just to burnt out mentally to get into the sewing room, though I did take time tonight to mix up a fresh batch of spray starch. Keep stitchin ! Bernie