Tuesday, May 29, 2012

15 minute challenge

For once, I'm remembering to post my weekly progress on Kate's 15 minute challenge.  Even though I only spent two days quilting.  Hey, life interferes occasionally with my quiltmaking, what can I say?

Last week, I finished the auction quilt that I've been working on since January, but not steady. There have been other projects interspersed.  I posted pictures and narrative about this quilt in my previous post, if you want to take a look.  I spent 3 or 4 hours each on Tuesday and Wednesday stitching on the binding.  Since then I've looked around in my sewing room, but haven't done anything.

I find that after I've finished a quilt that's due on a deadline, I take a few days or a week off. It's like I have to decompress from the pressure of that deadline. Fortunately, I don't have any more deadlines in the immediate future.

A couple of weeks ago, I was telling one of my coworkers about this quilt and she asked me how long it will take to do the quilting on it. For once, I kept track. To quilt up the queensized quilt took 27 hours. I was amazed!  I imagine the piecing and all the rest took at least that long as well.  Wow!  No wonder I feel so burned out when I've finished one of these giants!  And I have 3 more big quilt tops in my cupboard waiting to be quilted up. 

Today, I'm planning on spending a few hours working on a little table quilt that I want to get pinned and quilted so I can put it in my Etsy store. I'll post a picture when it's finished.


  1. a fabulous week with wonderful eye candy results~!
    good for you~!!!~


  2. 27 hours of quilting!~Wow! I get bored after about 4 hours....

    Congrats on the finish (They're always exciting!)

  3. Beautiful quilt! Congrats on the finish.

    If you are sewing on a deadline, decompression is needed once you get done. You almost have to get the adreline out of your system so you can enjoy the process again.

    Thanks for linking up this week.