Monday, May 7, 2012

I have sore hands and fingers . . .

. . . from unstitching the quilting on my giant auction quilt.  I'd done about a third of the quilting in the center and on Friday, I saw that the tension on one of my bobbins was off and had left unsightly loops on the back that needed to be taken out. I thought I could simply take out that section and then carry on. Wrong!  As I ripped out the stitching, I gradually came to realize that the pattern I'd chosen for these blocks was wrong and that I should take it all out and do something different.  So, about 10 hours of unstitching later, I have finished with that task and am ready to move on with a different, better design, and with a proper bobbin tension--I hope! I think I need to give my fingers and hands a rest first--maybe treat them to a beauty treatment or something--before they tackle the quilt again. Wish me luck! ;-)

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