Friday, May 25, 2012

The 2012 Auction Quilt is Finally Finished!

I put in the last stitch Wednesday night and took it from the drier this morning.  It's done and here it is:

This pattern is one I got in a magazine solicitation mailer several years ago and I thought it was one I'd like to make up one day.  Since the fundraiser is in early June every year, I thought this would be nice and springy/summery.

The blocks are simple pinwheels made of 5" or maybe 5 1/2" squares to start. I used a variety of florals alternating with a floral white-on-white fabric.  I FMQ it using a heart and loop continuous design in the body of the quilt.

In the border, I FMQ a design of leafy vines with two large florals on each side. I tried to take a pix of it but it's harder to see here than in real life.  I outline stitched around the appliqued leaves and stems.

The pattern I got was for a lap throw, but I enlarged it to be a queen sized bed quilt. I like this quilt a lot and wish I hadn't made it to be donated. :(  But it's for a good cause--our small local school--and likely will bring in several hundred dollars, if past experience holds. :)

By the time I'd finished the machine quilting and hand sewing the binding, my shoulders and back were screaming!  I've never felt such pain before in my life!  So I took the plunge and had a massage last night--my very first.  What heaven! By the time she was finished with me, I felt like a new person, although I can feel some pain between my shoulders this morning. Barb, the masseuse, told me it would take several sessions to get out all the knots, so I guess I'll just have to go back again, right? Can't ignore "medical" advice, you know.

Now that this huge quilt is finished, it's time to get outside to the gardens and see if I can win the Battle of the Weeds that I've lost every summer in my life! If you're a betting person, bet on the weeds. LOL

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  1. the pinwheel quilt does have a wonderful airy quality about it~!
    congrats on the finish. i too need that time after a big project to sort of come up for air and regain my bearings. i'm thinking a message might really help with that~!!~lol