Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I made another table runner for my Etsy store, Jolly Ruby.  This picture is rotated correctly in the file where I saved it but for some reason, it shows up here sideways. Go figure. Must be the computer gremlins I fight with every now and then. :-)  Anyway, I guess we'll have to rotate our heads to see it correctly.

I simply cut a piece of the floral fabric for the center and put a piano key border on.  Easy and cute, I think.  

 And here's a look at the quilting on the back.  It doesn't show up much on the front, but I really like how it looks on the back.

I used my Pounce for the first time. I got it over a year ago and never had an opportunity to use it until now. Boy, do I like it!  Unlike chalk, the marks stayed on the fabric.  Unlike Golden Threads, there were no papers to pick out of the stitches, and unlike FMQ, the design was more symmetrical and even.  I think I'll have to use it on more projects.  I also used my sliding thingy that I bought from Amazon awhile ago. I can't say I noticed much difference compared to just sliding the quilt around on my machine bed.  Well, I'm sure there will come an opportunity where I'll be very glad that I have it.

I have one more autumn themed runner to make today and then it's all about Christmas things for the store. I also have 2 sales coming up that I need to have items for as well. I'll be busy working on Christmas things when I leave for a 3 day quilt retreat on the 11th with my guild, the greatest group of women ever.

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  1. Very nice and I love the quilting. I purchased one of those pounce last year also, and like you have yet to have the opportunity to use it. When there is no outside work to be done and Winter sets in, I have several quilts that need quilting so going to make an effort to try it out.