Sunday, September 22, 2013

My morning walk

I've been going for a morning walk every day that I've been here at the resort. This is something that I like to do regularly but when I'm at home, there are always too many reasons to put it off so I relish the time I have when I'm on vacation to do these things.  I took my camera along this morning and here are some things that I saw:

The last of the summer's wildflowers 

An apple tree filled with tiny apples that will be appreciated by the birds this winter.

This is the cutest little garden shed at one of the lake homes I passed on my walk.
 Love the red flowers in the window boxes.

And, of course, the ever beautiful lake.  Wish I had a canoe or kayak with me.

Yesterday was a beautiful as today's starting out to be and I spent some time sitting on a bench in the sun reading my book.  After I settled myself in and got quiet, the wildlife made itself known.  Most of the rustling was from this little fella. Is it Chip or Dale, or maybe Alvin?  I think he lives under my cabin.

I also was visited by this big guy, a pileated woodpecker.  They're about the size of a crow so about 8 to 10 inches long, I suppose.  These are supposed to be very shy and reclusive so I think I was lucky to not only hear him--they're pretty noisy!--but to see him as well.  This is a pic I copied off the internet as I couldn't get a good shot of him from where I was sitting.

This is another pic from the internet. This is a flicker, another member of the woodpecker family, and they are everywhere around here!  

Northern Flicker Photo

I had to take a shot of the resort weather station.  This just about covers all the weather you could expect, I guess.  I'm glad the rock isn't bouncing--that would be bad! Today, the rock is dry and in the shade so I guess it's going to be sunny with no rain, right?

Tomorrow I head for home with a stop in Superior WI to meet up with a couple of friends.  Then, back to the real world, although I admit, I'm ready to be back with my home and family.  

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